Summer Fun and an Update

We have been quite busy since school let out- it always feels like the days drag when school is in and they fly by over the summer. Which also means most days I have no idea what day it is. I like not knowing. Lol

Our vacation was simple and nice. It’s a family tradition for the last 22 years with Barry’s family to meet up in Gulf Shores, AL. We cram 40 people into a 4 bedroom beach house, try to keep the sand out of our beds and keep your flip flops on at all times otherwise your feet will be black. It’s fun. It’s crowded. It’s up late playing games and jumping waves.
This year was totally different for Barry and I because we had Eli. Lots of chasing him around and staying inside instead of going out at night. I was born for this. I love all this time with Eli and I totally embrace this new chapter of our lives.
It was his first trip to the beach and we think he did quite well. He wasn’t crazy about the sand- especially when it got into his clothing, but who blames him?
He loved the water but we knew he would. He’s a water baby pure and simple. He would get so angry because we wouldn’t let him crawl into the waves with the other kids. Next year, child, next year.
He tolerated the heat for about 46-60 minutes and then he was ready for a nap.
The kid slept a lot!!! At least two naps a day and he slept in late every day (one day until 9:30!! Hooray!!).

We also took Eli to the zoo for the first time. I had found this zoo called “the little zoo that could” only 3 miles away from our condo! It wasn’t much from the outside but totally adorable on the inside. It was the perfect size for Eli- kept his attention. We also got to hold kangaroos!! Mom win!

The drive wasn’t terrible either. He definitely needs more stimulus on longer trips than he did before. That’s a challenge. In light of that, we made the 10 hour drive home overnight instead. It was much easier on Eli but rough on us. I can’t sleep in cars or planes so I was beat when we got home at 4am. And so was Barry since he drove all night. We were worthless on Saturday.
We slept and cleaned. And swept up sand. Lol

Now that we are back, our calendar has been filled up. I’m excited to have time for play dates and fun with friends.

I’ve also already begun to work in Ruby’s room again.
We have started to work with a doula (thanks Leslie!!!) and the induction date has been set for August 4!!!! Which means my anxiety has peaked. I’m excited but I’ve also been worrying. I think like any mom, I’ve been worrying about the health of the baby, the delivery, our new family adjustment…it’s a lot. Plus thinking about the financial side of it- my friends and family have been so amazing. We have been saving every penny toward Ruby’s room and attorney fees. We have also been fundraising through various programs and we are getting so close to our goal!! We are overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.
When we did our IVF we didn’t raise any funds: we lost all our savings and went into major debt to afford it. It took us a little over a year to pay it all back but we did. This time around we wanted to be smarter about it- especially because we do have Eli to think about as well.
The response has been amazing. We really were meant to get this little girl and we couldn’t be more thrilled at this amazing opportunity.

I didn’t realize how emotional I was about all of this until I sat down at my computer last night to write Eli’s birth story. (I’m participating in a T21 book project!! Awesomeness!!) I cried a lot.
And I just got done watching The Little Couple and I’m Having Their Baby- because all my summer shows are back and apparently I wanted to cry. Lol no but seriously, it just feels surreal. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. What did we ever do to deserve all of this? God is so good and I feel incredibly lucky to say that this is our special journey to building our family.
Anxiety is there but excitement takes over for sure.

What else is new? We got Eli fitted for AFO’s. After speaking with the doctor at Hope Orthotics, we decided to give it a try. Our insurance covers them and we aren’t 100% sure any one doctor is right.
Most of our friends use them and we know that crawling and walking open up so many doors for cognitive development- it’s important.
Most of our friends also report that their child’s ankle pronation has not improved since beginning to use SMO’s or AFO’s. This flies in the face of what the orthopedic doctor suggested.
Infact, two doctors we spoke to said his ankles would build strength and correct themselves over time on their own.
Two said that because of his low tone, he will always be able to build strength but his ankles will never align properly due to low tone. His tone is just who he is. His strength can change but not his tone.
The DS clinic recommended them immediately and his PT is advocating for them. So we decided to give them a try. It’s a hard choice to make because there are so many conflicting opinions. If we don’t like them or they don’t help then we won’t continue to use them.
More to come on this I’m sure.

Whew! What un update! Lol I guess I had more to say than I thought.
Settled back into the house and ready for more summer fun!

Check us out on Instagram @thosenewmans to follow our summer antics.


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