Party in My Pants

Ok. Let’s be honest. I’m crunchy and I like it that way. All my cleaning products are natural, all my diapers are cloth, I use un-paper towels, I wear a patchouli deodorant….I’m a recycling mofo. You get the picture.

Since beginning to cloth diaper, I’ve seen mamas asking about “mama cloth” in forums and SAHM pages. Curious, I looked them up. You guessed it- they are cloth pads. My first thought was “gross”- why would I want that? Between that and un-toilet paper, I had drawn my line in the sand. Not going to save the environment so I can save on TP. Gross.

I though I was done with the subject. Opinion formed. However…earth day came and a page I follow on FB called Party in My Pants was giving away cloth liners for the “cloth curious” totally free.
Of course you know I was all over that. Free = happy Ashley.

It came just in time for good ole AF. So I got to try it out.
I do this for you.

Its so different than a disposable. Definitely less “diaper-like” and the designs are super cute. What I do love about it is that is super tiny, and doesn’t make a sound in the stall (you know you hate opening the wrapper in a public restroom!!).
It can be washed with your regular laundry and has dark material to prevent staining.
What I didn’t love about the liner was really a user error issue- the liner can shift around if not placed properly. It doesn’t have a sticky bottom- just snaps, so be careful with that.
Overall, I think mama cloth is an awesome option. I liked how cute they are, how absorbant the liner was and I get to help the environment. Score! Party in My Pants offers several different types of liners and pads- including starter kits!
They also have organic options!

The cloth comes in a super private package and are very cost effective when you think of how often and how many disposables you will buy. That’s a huge bonus to me. I think it’s a win win…and I think I am totally sold!
Whether you are crunchy or not, mama cloth could be for you. Are you willing to try?

I hope so, because Party in My Pants has graciously offered a COMPLETELY FREE cloth pad or liner to my awesome readers! Sweet deal, huh? Just comment below with your email address and one lucky winner will be chosen by! Contest ends 5/31/13. Good luck!

CONTEST IS CLOSEDFor my other cloth curious readers, check out Party in My Pants.


3 Replies to “Party in My Pants”

    1. Yeah the diapers depending on how they work with your schedule can be a pain! Not gonna lie!! I have a huge diaper stash so it makes it easier. But for something once a month like AF it’s so much easier to manage and fit into your life 🙂

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