Family Update

Things have been busy around our house!
Eli is stil recovering from a nasty cough 😦 Poor boy- I feel like he has had every sickness possible in his first year of life! I hope this at least builds up his immune system!
Barry was fighting off a stomach bug and I was just in a “funk”.

Eli’s been keeping us busy, though. His crawling has improved quite a bit since he started last week. He gets around well, which means it’s time to baby proof the house! My curtains are in trouble. lol
He has adapted his crawl to where he tucks one leg in and uses the other to pull himself along. He can crawl correctly, so this is quite odd. Our OT showed us how to correct him yesterday so we will be working on that. Little turkey.
He’s also working on a few teeth finally. I thought we would have to get the kid dentures! lol

We signed a portion of our adoption paperwork last week too. That was a big day for us. It elimnated a lot of stress leading up to Ruby’s birth and formally got the wheels in motion for the entire process.
Nothing is offical until after she gets here, but this is a great beginning. We celebrated with a lunch out. 🙂

I’ve been getting Ruby’s room ready…well trying to. I feel like getting her things prepared has been one fail after another. We have the crib but somehow I misplaced all the bolts and screws that hold it together. So…it’s sitting in the room until we can locate the bolts or buy new ones. (I never loose stuff….seriously…I can’t even begin to think where they could be…). And I found an amazing deal on an armoire, which I spent two weeks painting and distressing, only for it to not fit down the hallway to her room. I was so proud of my piece and now I have to sell it to get something else. *pout*
Needless to say, her room is in pieces but I know it will all come together.
My mom and grandmother are busy planning the bedding, cause when you have a girl you *have* to go custom. 😉

The other big news- my husband’s position where he has worked for 6 years was absorbed by the company. He was informed moments before we signed the adoption paperwork. They gave him a very generous severance package and he is now looking for something new. It’s a big change for him. He really liked what he did and his coworkers. They were very good to us and we will miss them dearly. It will be a difficult transition for us all but I’m sure God has bigger plans for our family.
I’m nervous about the change, especially the timing with Ruby coming, but we have to trust that this was the perfect time and that it will all work out.

Needless to say, we have been quite busy this week! Lots going on, but I like it when our life is fast-paced some times. It’s fun and a challenge. Only 9 more days of school, then our life slows down. Looking forward to play dates, time in the pool and dinner with friends. 🙂
Hope everyone is having a great week!


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