We have been working for MONTHS on crawling. The video I posted yesterday of his bouncing got lots of “he’s so close!!” comments. And he has been. Each day he gets stronger and becomes more aware of his body and where he wants to go.

Eli had therapy today but he wasn’t having any of it. After only half of his therapy time was completed, he decided he was done. So when she left I took Eli outside just to play and enjoy some sunshine.
The yard is where he is happiest. He loves the grass and I think he just gets better traction or something there, because we have always had luck with therapy outside.

For the first time, Eli did what I call the inch worm or belly roll going forward. Which was pretty exciting itself. Eli will normally pop up into all fours, push backward and flop back down. So he ends up going further away from something that he wants.

But today he went forward, right toward me 🙂

And then the big finale!!! He crawled a few steps a few times. This is huge and I am so so proud!!!! 🙂

I felt like I could see him thinking about each movement and how he was going to coordinate it. Incredible!

Later in the evening, during his bath, he pulled up to his knees on the side of the tub. He doesn’t like to be on his knees because he feels more stable with his knees locked and straight out, instead of bent. However, he’s been more curious about the things around him lately- opening drawers and dressers, trying to pull up on more objects and people. But never has he been that brave in the tub of all places. He pulled right up to the side of it and was happy as a clam there. 🙂
Just when I’m spending time worrying about his IFSP and his progress, he always shows me he’s “got this”.
Anyway, just wanted to share our awesome milestone before I sneak off to bed. 🙂


4 Replies to “Crawling!”

  1. Way to go, Eli! Soon, he’ll be getting into so many things or climbing out of bed at night, that you’ll wonder why you were so anxious! Ha ha! He looks great and is such a cutie, as always. 🙂 I was wondering, have you ever tried crawling around when he’s on the ground to see if he’ll copy you? You know how kids learn by mimicking. Perhaps you have, as you work very hard with him. I’m not sure if that’s ever been suggested or not. Just curious.

    1. Thanks girl! 🙂 Oh yes, we have spent many a night modeling how to crawl. In fact, when he crawled yesterday, I had just got done doing it and then our neighbor’s kiddos were crawling around him. Then he just did it! 🙂

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