Ruby Lee




What an overwhelming response of love and excitement we had over the weekend! It was so refreshing to get messages of congrats and encouragement, especially with Eli being sick all weekend. Thank you for your support and love! 🙂

I’ve had lots of questions since posting our news- about the nature of the adoption, if the child will have special needs, etc.

To protect the privacy of our family, we do no plan to reveal information about the birth mom or details of the situation at this time. What I will say is that we are not using an agency, this is a private adoption involving someone we know and care about. Those of you that are close to us know the details of the situation and we ask that you continue to pray. Pray for guidance and wisdom, for open hearts and open lines of communication.

As far as Ruby goes, just continue to pray for her growth and development as well as a safe and easy delivery. She is very healthy and developing typically.

We are beginning to prepare her room, which is kind of scary. It makes it more real.
I thought I was putting a lot of work and love into Eli’s nursery…but as I begin to gather my ideas and make some purchases I realize that Ruby is gonna have a way cooler room! lol Looks like I will have to up the anty for Eli’s room when we are ready to transition to a big boy bed. Thank you Pinterest!
I always thought if I had a girl I wouldn’t go all gaga…but I’m willing to admitt that I have gone a bit crazy with pink, lace and chevron. lol
I registered for some things at Target….well more like ALLTHEPINKTHINGS! lol
And while that is all super fun and exciting, I’ve also begun to worry about how I will handle having two children under the age of two. I’m imagining how difficult it will be and how sleep deprived I will be. How my full attention will never be just on Eli or just on Ruby anymore. Am I strong enough? Can I get Eli all he needs while providing for little Ruby as well?
How will my family react? How will my friends react? Acceptance…?
Thinking about how relationships will change…how lives will be altered.

And the realities of adopting and that process take away from the fun of having a baby. It’s very serious, very legalistic, lots of discussions and lines of communication, contracts and paperwork.

As I type this…taking a deep breath and re-reading my laundry list of worries, I am reminded of what an amazing opportunity this is for our family. How God directed our path to exactly this moment. How we struggled so hard and waited and waited to be blessed with a child…now we will have two. What did we ever do to deserve such an amazing family? God is good all the time and these fears…these things I am fretting over will all work out.
Looking at my son’s pictures on my desk…and Ruby’s sweet face on the ultrasound images, my heart is soaring and I know this is right where we are meant to be.
What a crazy, wild, unpredictable journey this has been indeed.


11 Replies to “Ruby Lee”

  1. Yes it is tough. At first. And maybe for a while. But it is SooooooOooo worth the challenge. It is pretty huge to have a sibling; huger if you are pretty close in age and can help each other. They will and extended family & friends too

    Good luck sorting through the details with everyone involved and I can’t imagine a more tender family to help mommy go through this process. You are both empathetic to the nth degree. Love love love but that doesn’t make it easier. Makes us all stretch & grow our hearts by following you but your hearts are huge and ready. You got this pink story down. It’s overwhelming at times but breaks and relaxing & vacations matter too

    Plus you will take some time to be with both kiddies for a bit. Yippeeeeee. That will be the BEST. Very exhausting but amazing!!

    Joy of joys and a brighter light shines upon you to comfort you. Feel it and enjoy. Remember it on the tough days and revel in it most days. And summer is almost here too. Time for a nice change of pace.

  2. She’s gorgeous. And you’re right. It will ALL work out. Eli has taught you by now to know that there’s always a plan b, so anything that comes your way will snuggle in and fit into your life perfectly.

  3. I’m having the same worries and fears as you right now with another one so soon on the way. You are a stronger person than you give yourself credit for. You are an aanmazing mother to Eli and will be just as amazing with Ruby. We are both in for a wild ride and I’m glad i get to take this next step together with a great friend!

  4. BTDT Got the spit up on, pooped on, peed on tshirt… 🙂 You will be fine. For bonding, wear the baby girl as much as you can while working with Eli, and visa versa. I don’t know your particular situation, but just being “close” to you is enough a lot of the time… Good luck!

  5. Ashley, I am so thrilled for you and your growing little family!!! I can absolutely relate to all of the worries you have, Ty was only 20 months when his first little brother was born. In a lot of ways I think it was like having twins. Some days I think I must have been crazy to have them so close, but MOST days I feel so blessed that they are so close in age. Then we threw in a 3rd kiddo because, really at that point, what’s one more? Lol
    I cannot wait to follow your new and exciting journey and am most excited to see Eli become a big brother 🙂 xoxo

  6. I was rereading through some of your posts tonight and came across this one again. I meant to comment on it when you posted it, but as you will soon experience, two kids means 1:30 am trolling 🙂 Hadley and Atticus are 18 months apart and mostly I just feel guilty. I feel guilty about time, about cuddles, that Hadley can almost read and Atticus still doesn’t know his colors. That Hadley never really had a “babyhood” that Atticus was just thrust into the world, no transition. My grandfather gave me the best parenting advice that I’ve ever heard and I hope you take it to heart too. He has five girls (!) So I’m fairly certain he knows what he is talking about. He told me, love whichever one needs you the most in that moment. Obviously you will love them both all the time, but you will constantly have to choose which one to hold, to kiss first, to feed! You can do it. By the time ruby is two, all of this will be a distant memory!

    1. Thanks lady- I needed to hear that. Haha yeah I already troll at 1am so it won’t be a change- hence the time stamp on this post 😉
      You and Leah are amazing and I’m sure I will asking for advice more than once lol

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