Symptoms of Pneumonia

GUYS!!! Eli has stinking pneumonia!!! How did that happen?!

All the symptoms. All of them. We took him to the doc on Friday but they sent us home saying it was a virus. Why is my mommy intuition always better than a doctors medical background? lol My mom felt the same way- something is wrong. So glad we took him in before the weekned!

Looks like our weekend will be low key- we had plans to pick strawberries with friends, but I don’t even know if he is contagious or not. :/
It would explain some of his fits, though not all, because he was stating his own little opinion long before he got sick. Oh my poor boy!

Hope everyone has a better weekend than our little man.


4 Replies to “Symptoms of Pneumonia”

  1. Poor baby. Hope he starts feeling better now that you know what it is and can be treated. Shocking the doctor didn’t pick this up – mommas intuition is always right!

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