April 8, 2013

Things have been nuts around here lately. The wind is kicking up but I am going to keep my eyes focused on what really matters and try not to worry about the rest.
As Glennon says at Momastery.com: Be Kind and Brave.
Also, I love her description of herself: I make big mistakes and I say I’m sorry and then quickly forgive myself. I forgive easily.

These are qualities I am working on in myself.

Eli’s been doing very well. I did pictures for his birthday photos over the weekend and I spent time going through his videos. It’s so neat to see where he has grown and how much he has learned. My kid’s receptive language has shot through the roof- he understand around 20 words now! He can sign “eat” and “milk”. We are still working on holding his bottle and eating table food. We are getting stronger with being in four-point and more steady on our feet when standing. I may get frustrated for him sometimes, but he really is just doing so amazing.

We upgraded his milk from formula to coconut milk. We’ve been snot-free for a week now. It’s nice nice nice. So we will be getting allergy testing done today as well as having his thyroid looked at.
On Wednesday we have a photoshoot for the TCH Ds clinic and our first visit to the clinic. We have waited a whole year for this appointment…not sure if it will be useful or give us anything we don’t already have but it could be useful.

I think that’s it for now. We have 42 school days left. Wow. I don’t know if I will know what to do with myself (and with Eli!) when I have the summer off!


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