Therapy Update

Just some fun therapy videos I was able to capture yesterday at OT.
Eli has gained so much strength since we began to work toward crawling. It’s hard work! He used to fuss and scream and toss himself backwards but now he’s a pro. He is beginning to move his arms and legs on his own, the real issue is just staying up in that position. He likes to extend his legs and arms instead of flex them.
Isn’t our OT awesome? 🙂

The other video is of Eli signing “eat”, clapping for the first time and waving. He has started to wave “bye-bye” with prodding, and help. 🙂 It’s so neat to see it all coming together for him…all the pieces connecting.


9 Replies to “Therapy Update”

  1. Heart smiling this morning watching him! He’s such a smart, smart little man and he’s doing wonderfully! LOVE IT! ❤

  2. That’s very exciting about the crawling strength getting up there and the signing, YAHOoooooo on many many many fronts.

    I was at an Easter egg hunt chatting with a guy with DS and his adoptive mom (birth grandparents were in his life but not his primary caregiver, but connected so that’s sweet and so nice to hear!). They were signing and I was trying to learn more signs. It’s FAST if its your only method of communication!! Really neat to see.

    I love ASL as a visual prompt / aid to reinforce language in another way. It is NOT to replace speech (included for your readers!!) some of Elijah’s peers may not have good or clear language even if he does so ASL to hang within your whole group of friends with DS is critical.

    There are many studies that show language comes EaRLy with ASL, not the opposite.

    Reading also reinforced sentence structure and three word sentences which are more practical for beginning talkers (I see Mom!)

    Crawling mini-milestones YES!

  3. Hi…it’s Judy from Working on a Full House. Thanks for leaving a comment. No one ever leaves a comment on my blog – not even my own family. My husband and I are interested in adopting a child with down syndrome…so in doing some research I stumbled across your blog.I just think children with down syndrome are all so adorable!!! We are Christians and believe that each and every child was created perfectly and exactly as God has intended. No one on this earth is here by mistake – or is here without a purpose. Your little guy is beautiful and he is so fortunate to have loving parents. We wish to provide that love to a child who has not been as fortunate.

    1. Hi Judy!! I’m so glad you found us- I’m always looking to connect with other mama’s out there 🙂
      That is so amazing that God has placed that on your heart- Have you heard of Reeses Rainbow?You should check them out. Many blessings for the future of your journey!! 🙂

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