New Breeze Blowing

So there’s this new thing kind of floating around in my head…it’s something that has been on our hearts since we began our “becoming a family journey”. After listening to this sermon over spring break, my heart was even more moved in this direction.
In the Furnace- How Big Is Your God?


Yup. Barry and I feel a huge pull to do this. After all we went through with our fertility treatments and struggling to get pregnant, we want to continue to build our family in any way that God can facilitate. When we discovered Eli would have Ds, it opened up a different perspective too. There are millions of children out there who have been discarded because they are “broken”. Eli isn’t broken and neither are these children. My heart aches for them to find their forever families. God willing, we could be someone’s forever family too.

I’m not afraid to get pregnant again. I’m not afraid of IVF. I’m not afraid of Ds or any other “abnormality” for future pregnancies.

I am afraid I won’t be able to get pregnant again or that I will face a difficult pregnancy or miscarriage. But these are both out of my control. What’s in my control is to keep trying and see what happens…pray.
I’ve been nervous to even say anything about this because I don’t want any one to think this is happening *right* now or that we are pregnant or anything like that. We are just exploring some options. Eli is still so young and we want to enjoy him for a bit longer before we expand our family.
So that’s in the mix but the adoption thing has kind of taken off with new excitement! We contacted the agency that our church works with and we are just going to put our toe in the water. Go to the classes over the summer and see what happens. Definitely need to pray about this more, see what doors open and how it all unfolds. I think a lingering part of the IF world leaves me partially obsessed with the idea of magically getting pregnant on my own. Which kind of seems like a joke considering we did IVF lol So there’s that too.
A lot wrapped up in one neat little bow.
The financial side of it is scary (adoption or IVF again) but we have a big God and I know that it will work out if its supposed to. God funds what He favors. 🙂

So onto less heavy stuff…
Eli has been doing very well! We are gearing up for his birthday and couldn’t be more excited to celebrate. This week he had OT twice to make up for a session we missed. It was the first time I could really see the potential for crawling. He can TOTALLY do it but doesn’t want to. He has the strength and dexterity but he’s comfortable with where he’s at.
Our OT is upping the anty for sure. She’s seeing his stubborn little self and pushing him harder than ever. I know it will pay off. He fussed, kicked and screamed through learning to sit and weight bear on his arms but he’s a champ now. I have a feeling he will be mobile before we know it- during one of our workout sessions on Wednesday night he actually moved his knees and arms forward in a crawling-like motion. Not far and not for long but I was so excited!!! I would have video taped it but I was using my phone as his motivator lol

Feeding has been another issue. He’s been hot and cold and I never know which one he will be until I start trying to feed him. He definitely fusses more when in his high chair. Last night we tried to feed him and he out right refused. After a bath he ate ok (loads of Barry and I jumping around and clapping like idiots to encourage him) but later ate nearly all of my dinner off my plate! Turkey boy!!
We are also trying goats milk (he signed his first sign- “milk” on Wednesday too!!). He is nearly a year and while we believe he has a milk allergy, goats milk is supposed to be easier to digest.
We tried it a few weeks back but he was so stuffy from allergies that we couldn’t tell if the GM made it worse or he was just stuffy.
The good news is he came back from a super stuffy nose and didn’t need antibiotics or anything. That’s a huge improvement.
We tried the GM again this week and he seems to be doing very well on it. Here’s hoping, because that Nutramigen stuff is expensive!!!

Anyway, I think that will do as an update for now! We are getting back into the swing of working and having a routine after spring break. I’m pouting because the Texas heat is already creeping in on us and it’s barely spring! 12 more weeks until school is out and we are really sweating!


4 Replies to “New Breeze Blowing”

  1. Excited for your family! God had put adoption on our heart, specifically adopting a child with Down syndrome BEFORE we had our Neely. 🙂 God is so good! We hope to tie up loose ends around here so we can get the paperwork process started to be foster/adoptive parents domestically. We want to connect with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network and adopt. 🙂

    Be sure to hop over to our blog and comment to win a copy of “Orphan Justice”…thought it might interest you!

    Eli is such a cutie! Love his sweet pics on Instagram!


    1. Isn’t that so incredible how God moves your heart? I will be praying for you guys! 🙂
      I was about to do that too!! But I couldn’t do it on my phone for some reason. Love your blogs and your little man. 🙂

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