{3:21} World Down Syndrome Day

I’m so in love with Sarah Conant’s song Who I Am. And in honor of World Down Syndrome Day, I wanted to share a little bit about who Eli is.

Eli, you will be one year old next month! It’s so hard to even believe that 3 years ago we were struggling with infertility and had lost all hope of ever having a family. It truly feels like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital because you decided to make an early arrival.
Your coming into this world was a celebration and your life continues with that theme- we celebrate the opportunity to be your parents every day.
You inspire us and our friends. You have a laugh that is absolutely contagious. When you smile, your big blue eyes turn into half cesent moons that just melt my heart. I just love that toothless grin. You are smart and stubborn- you know how to work your mama and you know what you want (which is not OT!). You have a determination I have never seen- always trying again even when it’s difficult.
You hate naps…like with a passion. And you love to snuggle. Your favorite toys aren’t toys at all: tissue paper, bells, beads and spatulas. What a turkey!
You take in the world around you with such amazement- especially now that you got your tubes placed. You can hear so many new things and you are a regular ole chatter box.
My favorite part of the day is laying in bed in the morning and listening to you talk to yourself over the baby monitor…or maybe it’s when I come home from work and you give my neck a squeeze…or when you laugh during our games and I shower you with kisses…you get the point. Gosh I so love everything about you! You are you, and I’m blown away by how amazing you are daily.

3 years ago I could have never imagined the simple joy you would bring to our lives. Eli, you are the Extra Light Inside that we prayed for. You are a much loved child of God, made perfectly in His image. We love who you are and can’t wait to discover who you will be! Happy 11 months my little man! Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

For more information on DS, resources, support or to connect with other families, please visit: IDSC


7 Replies to “{3:21} World Down Syndrome Day”

  1. Love. Love. Love. Love this post. Love that little guy and his mommy! (and Barry too lol). I can still remember the days where you thought a child wasn’t possible. You finding me on my blog. Me finding your post and commenting on a pregnancy loss group on Facebook. Bonding over some of the most difficult and emotional times that a woman can experience. Your surgery. Your IVF. You sending me photos of pregnancy test strips so I could confirm that, no you were not losing your mind…it was positive! I remember you learning that Eli had Down Syndrome and being scared for you, as it was such a huge unknown at that the time, but knowing that you and Barry would be the best parents for that little guy! I thought, God has done so good here. A perfect match. This little man will have an amazing life and every opportunity possible….because God has given him the most amazing parents. I knew that you were full equipped to handle this curve ball and that you would embrace it and that it would be the start of something beautiful. Embrace it is exactly what you did and I am so proud to call you my friend. Many parents would have reacted very differently, and I know you had your moments, but you took this news, educated yourself as much as humanly possible and prepared for life with Eli. Life enhanced by Eli! A wonderful life with Eli. You are an amazing Mommy, he is an amazing child and your life together is simply beautiful!

    Love to you guys today and every day! 🙂

    1. Erin you made me cry!!!! Words cannot express how greatful we feel to have you guys in our lives. I am so glad God brought us together- we have been through so much together and I really feel like we are “kindred spirits”. Our time in Ft. Worth solidified that for me. Blessed beyond words, girl. You get me. Thank you. ❤

  2. Wow how time flies…. Eli is so cute! He has made so much progress! I remember when I met u at the fertility forum… We were both trying to get pregnant and now it is amazing that Elu will b a year next month. God has been so good and u both are an inspiration to a lot of ppl. Also, thank u for sharing so much with the world, for educating us in different subjects and making us a part of your journey. God bless you all and give you wisdom every day. Eli I haven’t met you, but I love u little man!


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