So so thrilled!!! Eli just started babbling for real!! I hadn’t realized that he was basically only making sounds but not “talking” until now. At about 3-4 months he started “talking” but it was mostly just sounds and imitation. He had even said “mama” a few times but then stopped all together. Since his tubes, he has been exploring so may sounds- we are super proud. 🙂
It’s such a profound difference and we are excited to see what else he can do.

In complete and total honesty I had no idea that his hearing was that affected. I thought we were going to be non-verbal, which is fine…speech is still going to be a lot of work regardless and we don’t know what the future holds…but this is HUGE!

Anyway, just wanted to share! Eli is also saying “baba” and “dada”- smart man!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring break!!


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