A New R-Word

Spread-the-Word-to-End-the-WordRESPECT March 6 is National Spread the Word to End the Word Day.
When you say the word retard or retarded in a derogatory manner to someone or you use it to tell someone they are stupid, or lame, you hurt people with intellectual diabilities.
I see and hear this word all the time. It’s become synonymous with “silly”, “dumb”, “weird”, “stupid”…people tag it on Instagram when they think their friends did something dumb or they make a ridiculous face in the mirror.
Lots of my friends use the word- heck I used to before I knew how hurtful it was. But there really is no excuse.

“It’s a bad habit.”
“It’s just a word.”
“I don’t mean it that way.”
“You know I’m not talking about Eli.”

Today I ask you to be more thoughful of your vocabulary. It may be “just a word” but would you ever call Eli that?

Words matter.

Simply stated- find a different word. You are smarter than that. My son is more than a diagnosis and he is worthy of love and respect.
Be a fan of acceptance, respect, unity, friendship, inclusion. Be a fan of Eli and his chromosomally enhanced buddies.

Take the pledge at: R-Word.org


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