C.-Diff and Other Fun Stuff

It’s been a while since my last post. We had the pleasure of visiting with a friend of mine and her sweet family. They just welcomed baby Quinn into their family and it was so exciting to connect with her! I can’t wait to go back for another visit (especially because I didn’t get to snap any pictures and I need to get my squishy baby fix!!)

We just got over what I am lovingly referring to as Vomit-Fest 2013. I had a weird tummy thing for 2 weeks but nothing major. I knew it was contagious when Barry started complaining of an upset tummy. And I knew Eli had it when he began to refuse food. All food. So we followed the BRAT diet and tried to get him to eat for about 4-5 days. He seemed to be recovering when the vomitting happened. No fever. Just the vomit.

And suddenly my worst fear was realized: I don’t do vomit.

My mom always told me that when it was my kid it would be different- you can handle it because its your kid. Not the case for me. Barry walked in on me holding Eli over the sink, red-faced and dry-heaving with tears rolling down my face. It was that kind of special.

Then came the call to the pedi at 11pm because he had thrown up 4 times in about 2 hours. I felt bad enough calling so late but what made it worse was the doctor on call for my doctor was our ex-pedi. We broke up with him a few months ago when he wouldn’t back off about vaccines.
Dr. H was polite and actually helpful but it was awkward. I didn’t feel comfortable talking to him.

Anway, the anti-vomit meds worked and we spent Sunday recovering only to find out on Tuesday that a stool sample I insisted on came back positive for C. Difficile Toxin What?!
Yeah…basically it’s an imbalance of a bacteria called C.-Diff and it causes ALL the symptoms we were experiencing. Fun stuff.
Read more about it here.

So the antibiotics for it are apparently pretty intense and it sounds scary (the nurse told me to not look it up…she reassured me that these meds work and that Eli getting this is just bad luck and he will be fine. But I am freaking out anyhow. Awesome.).

Poor little dude has a stuffy nose too but otherwise we are doing well dispite the nasty poo virus.

Moving on…I’m feeling a bit frustrated with OT progress. Not our therapist- she is wonderful, but just Eli’s progress and understanding of it. He has the ability but flat out doesn’t want to crawl. And lacks the coordination to be successful so he sees it as too difficult. Just like with his bottle…he won’t hold it but he CAN. He just fights it. Smart boy knows mama will do it for him.
The other day I let his sitter know that he could hold his bottle and to make him do it…she didn’t even have to. Eli picked it up off the floor and went to town like he had done it thousands of times before. TURKEY!!

Anyway- trying to learn to enjoy this slower pace but it’s difficult because all his peers are beginning to walk and my son is mastering rolling to get to where he wants.

We did get good news yesterday- we are finished with hearing aids!! It’s silly to even say but it does feel good to get this ear situation finalized. He had his last ABR yesterday. He has a slight loss at the lowest frequency but they believe that the tubes are actually causing it. So they removed the fluid but cause a bit of a loss- I will take it. My boy can hear and that is all that matters! So naturally I’m expecting him to start talking any day now…lol -_- Again, I need to enjoy the slower pace.

We are beginning to plan his birthday which is exciting. A bit nerve-wracking but exciting. I can’t believe in 2 months he will be a year old. I feel like he was born yesterday! We are doing a sock monkey party which will be super adorbs. 🙂

What else? Oh! I have THREE, count them, three!!) paid photography sessions coming up this month! I’m thrilled and feeling confident about that. Hoping this takes off and I can do more and more pictures for people. 🙂

I guess that’s the update in our world right now. I wish I had more exciting news than just family updates…I need something inspiring to write about!!


9 Replies to “C.-Diff and Other Fun Stuff”

  1. So sorry you all had that awful virus! I have heard of that and know its pretty miserable 😦 Glad to find out that you guys are doing better though. Try not to worry about progress…Eli is on his own schedule and will get there when he gets there 🙂 That’s awesome about the photoshoots…would love to start doing those for people too. It’s my hobby right now but I love taking pics of my family when I get the chance.

    1. Yeah it has been a hobby of mine for a while but I never really got paid for it until recently. I may get brave and share some of my work but that’s the issue- I don’t like to put myself out there like that. lol
      Anyway, it’s pretty terrible and the medicine is awful…hoping this will be over soon!
      As far as progress- I’m trying, I really am but it’s hard sometimes. 😦

  2. Poor Eli! Beau just got hit by a cold last night. Hoping he gets past it quick. I had to laugh at your “he can do it but refuses comment.” Hate to tell you but I don’t think this will every get better. They finally give in and do one thing and then refuse another. Little stinkers. The know they have all the control. I think as a momma you just get use to it after awhile. That’s been Beau’s feeding the last 4 years. It about drove me crazy for awhile. Good luck on all your pictures!! That’s awesome.

  3. Hang in there with the milestones–we can’t rush them, but we can continue to set our kiddos up for success. Andy would do something once or twice and then not do it again for awhile. I’ll bet Eli is crawling when you’re not looking!

    1. LOL that is exaclty what he is doing 😉 No, I know, but it doesn’t make it any easier to see you know? He’s frustrated and so are we. I know we will look back on this and laugh one day but being in it now is hard.

  4. Boo on C-diff! That stuff is not fun! Hope sweet Eli is feeling better! It’s funny…but I can’t believe he is almost a year old! I remember stumbling across this blog reading Beau’s blog when we got our diagnosis. Eli was only 6 months old I think. Time sure does fly!

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