Kanga Boo

kb2I recently had the pleasure of using a brand new product called the Kanga Boo. I found this unique invention through another special needs blog and wondered why on earth I had not thought up such a thing. Immediately I wanted one.
This simple, compact product would have been so handy to have when Eli was still learning to sit up. But even now that he is stable and sitting well on his own, he still benefits from the support it offers.
If you have a child with low tone, you know how things like hunger, sleepiness and general fussiness can affect your child’s ability to sit safely in a shopping cart. Eli always starts off strong, holding onto the cart handle while he looks around the store, but toward the end of the trip he begins to sag, lean to the side or slump over. It’s hard to watch, not safe and likely uncomfortable for Eli.
The Kanga Boo fixed that issue immediately. Eli was able to sit with good support and I could shop without worry.

The Kanga Boo attaches to any shopping cart, creating a secure and stable shopping cart environment for your little one.
It would be especially useful for our little ones who have good head control but lack the endurance to sit unassisted for a long shopping trip.

It’s cute, compact (fits right in my diaper bag!) and soft, yet stable.

With Eli being nearly 10 months old, he has his own little system down. He knows how he wants to sit in the shopping cart- which is counterproductive to how the Kanga Boo allows a child to sit. My only complaint, just from practical usage and for our purposes, is that it doesn’t allow the child to sit up straight- but rather pulls them to lean back against the chair (which is probably safer…Eli is going to have to learn to sit in it properly). Also, the support band comes up quite high on my little man, making it a bit cumbersome for arm movement. I think if the support band were a bit thinner this would work wonderfully for us- especially on the days when Eli is tired and I have to make a trip to the store!!
Overall, the product is simply genius! We will work on practicing sitting properly so we can make better use of it- too cute not to!! Looks like I get to go shopping again 😉

You can learn more about Kanga Boo here:
Shop Kanga Boo
Kanga Boo


6 Replies to “Kanga Boo”

  1. How great . A good thing for Eli. To bad it is so wide on him. They need to make one a little less wide for smaller children.

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