Ear Tubes Update

Getting ear tubes was the best thing we’ve done for Eli! I could not have imagined how changed he would be afterward.
His ST came the day after the procedure and was blow away. He localized nearly every sound every time, made good eye contact and was much more interactive.
Now, 4 days later, he’s making new sounds (he had stopped making the “m” sound all together, but started again!), babbling more, his snorty nose is gone, he’s sleeping through the night, and happy all the time!
I’m really just amazed. He’s only been this happy boy when on antibiotics or just finishing antibiotics.
I wonder if his head or ears hurt all this time? I wonder what his new ABR will reveal considering the profound difference we are seeing?

Well, either way I am excited about the potential and I’ve been taking advantage of this happy boy’s attitude all day.
We are so happy with the results and thankful for the wonderful staff at TCH.


12 Replies to “Ear Tubes Update”

  1. that is amazing!!! I bet you’re so glad you did the ear tubes since it’s made such a significant difference. I so happy to hear it’s all going so well 🙂

  2. great news! we go to the ENT today with both kids. charlie has had a constant ear infection since november. no amount of antibiotics are making them go away. it’s time for tubes and i am seriously happy for it. rachel will probably get one replaced and the other put it. maybe i’ll get a two for one price?? LOL!

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