Ear Tubes


Yesterday Eli had his surgery to have ear tubes placed. It was a lot better than I expected. The wait was long, and I was stressed about how hungry Eli would be. My anxiety began to rub off on Eli and he got fussy. Crazy how that works…and what’s sad is I wanted to just hold him and comfort him and take in the last few moments before the surgery. Nope. He pushed me away, arched his back and cried. Mom of the year.
Good thing Barry is so calm all the time- he took Eli and walked him around the hospital. That man is the baby whisperer. At one point, Barry walked by me and I smiled up at Eli and said, “Hi”. He turned, looked at me and promptly began to cry again. LOL

Anyway, the surgery was quick. It was surreal. We went to recovery and he was happily eating. All the way home he smiled. We thought we would be able to make a day of it since he seemed in such good spirits.
As soon as we got home, the tantrums and pouting began.

He slept on and off all day. Between naps, he cried and pouted. I felt so bad for him.
But mama got her cuddles, so that was nice.
Thank you to everyone who prayed and thought about us yesterday. Eli is in good spirits today. 🙂

We scheduled his ABR to see how the tubes have helped his hearing for the first part of March. Praying and hoping for a positive outcome.


4 Replies to “Ear Tubes”

  1. He is just too cute! We may have to get tubes in April. They are going to do a sedated abr and determine if Kayla needs tubes then. Even though I know this is routine, it still makes me nervous!

    1. Amber- we did the sedated ABR’s as well- both procedures were simple but the tube surgery was easier in my opinion. Eli never stayed sedated long enough for the ABR to be completed and he had have food withheld for a much longer period of time. With the tubes it was quick and easy! 🙂 Good luck- it will be just fine! 🙂

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