2Not much has happened over the weekend. We are prepping for Eli’s ear tube surgery, which will be this Wednesday. I know the surgery is very routine, but I’m super nervous. Praying this will help to give him better health, as well as comprehension and litsening skills. We will have a follow-up ABR over spring break in March. I will be sure to update everyone on how it all goes.
Spent time with family and did chorse around the house this weekend. Pretty tired. I think Eli is teething, so he’s refusing most foods and won’t sleep through the night. We’ve been trying to let him CIO at night but with no success. I hate to hear him cry and I don’t think he really even understands that we won’t come to get him- it just gets him more worked up.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Please be praying for the doctors and for our little man this week. Thanks so much!! 🙂


12 Replies to “Weekend”

  1. Definitely praying, any surgery is tough. I’m sure the tubes will help. My friend’s son had to have larger tubes and sinus surgery, both greatly improved his hearing!

  2. Praying all goes well with the surgery. No matter how small or routine, you’re always going to worry. You’d be a bad mom if you didn’t!! Gorgeous picture of the little man, those eyes just melt your heart, don’t they?!

  3. Be thinking of you and Eli this week. I’m sure his surgery will go well! Don’t worry if he takes slightly longer in surgery than what they tell you. Sometimes their tiny little tubes are a bit trickier to navigate for the surgeon (Felix took an extra half hour). Wish someone had told me that before!! Will be great to have less ear infections and, hopefully, it will help with Eli’s hearing as well. Big hugs Mumma x x x

  4. Beau just had his tubes put in last Tuesday. It was SO quick we barely had time to sit down before they were coming back out to get us. No ivs, pain meds, or time in recovery. It was like 20 min after they took him to walking out the door! He did cry afterwards & cover his ears like the sounds were louder for awhile. Hoping Eli goes quickly as well.

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