Self Feeding

The turkey won’t pick up food and put it in his mouth but he will grab that spoon from me! haha
Mama’s, any larger finger foods your baby likes that could motivate my nugget to self feed? We’ve tried Baby MumMums, and vanilla teething biscuits…kid won’t self feed!


7 Replies to “Self Feeding”

  1. awe cutie! My little one is 8 months and we do pieces of watermelon, steamed veggies, celery stalks (natural pain reliever–just to gnaw on), beans, blueberries (cut in half) and shredded cheese. She’s the opposite though, she prefers stuff she can pick up vs. purees. Have you tried the yogurt bites….my girl loooooves those! We also do the puffs as well. Keep trying he’ll get there eventually 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I will try- we are avoiding cheese and dairy due to his milk protien allergy, but I will try the fruits. I didn’t even think of celery either! Great idea!! He’s not a fan of the puffs- we have tried like every brand lol

      1. Oh gotcha on the cheese! Yes I think the cool watermelon feels good on her gums since she’s teething. I also do frozen fruits in the mesh feeder too and she likes that alot.

  2. avoiding dairy…hmmm….kind of puts a wrench in my big cheeto puffs suggestion!!!! That really helped us get there! How about fruit leathers? Or Veggie bootie? He’ll do it before you know it! 🙂 And can I just say your family is adorable!!!!!

    1. awe thank you!! 🙂 yeah, he actually didn’t like the cheese flavored puffs we tried anyhow haha I haven’t heard of Veggie bootie, but I will try the fruit leather. Anything!! lol

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