Ragababe Diaper Review

I recently discovered Ragababe- They practically have a cult following so I wanted to see what all the fuss is about.
Their diapers are quite pricey and difficult to get. If you follow them on Facebook, they will update for their newest diapers- giving a time and date to order. Then you go to their website at the designated time and *try* to refresh the page a million times to get one in your cart.

With that being said, I was still able to get one and it was a bit of a thrill when I did.
The diapers come in different sizes and styles, with their signature star at the belly. The diaper I selected is an organic, size medium, AIO with a liner and velcro closures. (a href=”http://www.ragababe.com/Prints_Collection.html”>Prints here). It’s my only velcro dipe, but I like it! The velcro is tight and super sticky. The fit was perfect.
I really put its performance to the test- first time use, over night. lol I know, crazy…but what the heck, right? It was a champ and held up all night long.
This is hands down my new favorite diaper and I will definitely look into trying to get a few more.

You can purchase ragababe at:http://www.ragababe.com/


6 Replies to “Ragababe Diaper Review”

  1. We cloth diaper, I’ll have to check these out!!! Hopped over from Noah’s Dad’s blog! I look forward to following your journey! Eli is ADORABLE!! Our little Neely is 8 months old tomorrow!

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