A Week!

Ode to our therapists- they work so hard with Eli and are always so encouraging. Which is why I love sharing videos about what we are doing. Our new OT is just simply amazing. She always has a smile for Eli and energy- even when he cries through the whole session. But he’s getting stronger and doing so well! This last time he barely fussed and seemed to actually enjoy tummy time and crawling practice. (Which I know is partly due to the reflux improvement and formula change). This video is showing how to transition from laying down to sitting up, and then sitting with knees bend. Eli wants to hyper extend his legs and spread them out wide. It give him a more supported feeling, but it’s not good for crawling or sitting lol So these methods have helped a ton!

Isn’t she just wonderful?

This next video is my new favorite. Our OT has been working on localizing sounds and imitation. Every time she visits I want to cry- she points out new things he is picking up on and always says how smart he is. It’s easy to see how much she enjoys working with him.
Here, she is banging on the floor and trying to get him to do the same thing. Ignore my creeper emotional talking in the background…but this was kind of a big deal. It was like…I knew he was capable and he does imitate me at times, but I focus more on an exchange of noises or sounds. This was straight up copying movements, which I guess I didn’t realize he was doing. Seriously. Mind blown.
I needed that after the week we have had!

So we are nearly done with our week of therapies and appointments. The sleep study was completed (more on that when we get the results), and he visits TCH for his aids and ENT today and Monday.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support- I could feel it and it’s what got me through.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


8 Replies to “A Week!”

  1. Wonderful progress! How often do you have OT? I just met ours this week and really like him. We are ready to start OT and PT once the insurance approves…Eli is the youngest I know and will be our inspiration! We can’t wait to meet you guys!

    1. Thanks! I was going to post a video of his crawling progress too 🙂 We are getting so close!

      We have OT once a week but no PT. I need to look into that. Are you going through ECI?

      Yes definitely!! Let me know when you are ready and we would be super excited to come visit 🙂

  2. Hi Ashley. I have been following your blog after I talked to Mary Jane (The NP from hermann hosp. she told u about). Thank you! It has been an inspiration.

    1. Hey!!! She asked me yesterday if you had contacted me! 🙂 I’m so so glad you found us! Please know if you have any questions you have my number- call or text 🙂 I’m excited for you and your family- your little one is going to bring so much joy! If you can’t tell, we kind of love our little guy a whole bunch 😉

  3. She is phenomenal as she works with your son.Makes me want to cry good tears of joy.How wonderful is your son doing. Awesome.Keep up the good work.Thanks for sharing.

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