Momma Made Diaper Review

I’ve been following this mama on her Facebook page since I found her stuff in a WAHM group. Always a sucker for cloth diapers, she offered an opportunity to test her’s out, so I jumped!
Her PUL patterns are adorable and her diapers are cute. I especially loved the minky material on the inside- very soft and plush. The pocket opens wide and has a flap to make sure no part of the insert touches baby booty- I liked that feature. It’s a OS with loads of snaps to custom fit your baby. The only issue I struggled with was the snaps themselves. The rise snaps did not want to snap together, or would pull apart when pulled on. Once I was able to press them together they did stay put, but came out in the wash. The diaper lasted a good 3 hours with my heavy wetter, so I was very impressed with its performance. I’ve washed it and used it again since getting it in the mail and overall I really like it! My favorite part- supporting a WAHM!
The price is right and the diapers are made with love. They are unique and fun- You can find Momma Made Diapers at: Momma Made
EDIT: I used a snap press to push on the snaps and now they close perfectly! Momma Made has also fixed this issue on her end. Still loving this dipe!



5 Replies to “Momma Made Diaper Review”

  1. I don’t know what made me think it would be a good idea to cheat on Goodmama but I did and I will NEVER purchase anything from MMD diapers ever again! Their customer service is terrible! If anyone was ever planning on it don’t!!! It took over 20 weeks for me to receive the diaper I ordered with almost zero communication! Then when I did get it the cut was HUGE! I loved the print but I took it out and compared it a GM and knew there was no way it would ever fit my tiny daughter! I searched their site for BST rules and there were none so I scrolled and looked at other posts and pictures and ultimately listed just like I would have on the GM BST. I listed it as NIP since I had simply taken it out of the plastic to compare and it went bag in the bag within 5 minutes. I got an extremely hateful message and comment on the listing from their so-called admin! When I explained she called me a liar and continued to harass me! It was just awful and she kept saying that I was a liar and that I was trying to be dishonest with people by listing it as NIP when I had taken it out of the bag! She said I should have listed it “as is” since it had been removed from the bag…even if it was just to compare! When I PMed her she blocked me! Just wow!
    Anyway I said all of that to say…Trust me stick with Goodmama!!!

    1. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry that was your experience. Wow! We had such a good experience with our diaper. We still use it since this post was made! 😦 were you able to sell it?

  2. I know this reply is almost 3 years later but I just noticed the reply above.
    I looked up this customers name vs the date posted and her sale post came up in my group.
    Her diaper sold in less than a day and had tons of people wanting it. The diaper was listed as NIP (new in package) but had the tags removed and sellers listed a reason of selling as I just copied and pasted from her actual sale post…. “This was my first Momma Made diaper and the cut doesn’t fit my daughter well at all! She is just too tiny!”. We had PMs from concerned customers that it was listed a brand new but the tag had been removed and the way the seller worded it, it had obviously been put on the baby since she knew it did not fit. So my admin asked in comments “Julie just a quick question. If it’s NIP and your first MM and the cut doesn’t fit her then how is it still NIP? Just trying to clarify is all”. (We had issues in the past with people selling diapers as NIP and they were used and then we get nasty pms about shady behavior on our BST page so we have to monitor things.) I see no where on the post where she was called a liar? She then replied very snarky advertising for Goodmama diapers.
    Then a customer asked her if it was a night diaper and she told her it was (it was not a night diaper) So I commented that it was not a night diaper. I guess having us put the correct info in the listing comments is considered harassment?

    Also yes the diaper took 20 weeks to get to her. There are rules on each of the fabric groups and this one was a pre order fabric meaning we take orders, send the orders to the person who prints the fabric. The fabric then needs printed shipped to the person who ordered and then cut and shipped out to the WAHMS it was stated in multiple areas this process can take 4-6 months.

    Before the diaper was even made she demanded we give her back her nonrefundable deposit because her daughter was potty trained now, but told her she was more than welcome to sell her spot. She refused to sell the spot and took the diaper. This was one of the reasons we questioned her about the fit. If her daughter was potty trained why was she trying diapers on her?
    Thank you for giving me the chance to clarify things 🙂
    I can’t believe we just hit 4 years in business. Things sure have changed since your review we no longer make pockets and our business is now mostly clothing

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