Video Spam

I told you guys I was going to post some videos…and you know my videos…lol they are always chopped up and smashed together! But I can’t help it. I want to share so much and I have zero editing skills when it comes to something like videos. So here they are!! 😉

The good news?! We got our new OT!!!! SO SO SO thrilled! She’s wonderful! It was like she had been working with Eli all this time. She was kind, open, loving and sweet. I hope she stays around for the long haul. I know the program is struggling. Darn state programs 😦
Isn’t she so sweet?! And he’s doing so well despite being so angry at having to workout. lol He hasn’t had to work out that hard in 2 months! Of course we do stuff…but still. She worked him and that makes me a happy mama!

This video shows the new pacifier that we found at Babies R Us. It’s a chewing pacifier. Our sweet man never did like pacifiers much but he loves to chew (still working on those teeth!). We found this little gem and haven’t looked back since. You can see in the first part how he uses a typical pacifier. Only my son. lol

This is therapy we do at home…supporting 4-point and REACHING! The reaching is huge because he leans so far (SO FAR) forward to get the toy. We are looking at crawling soon. He’s getting so much braver! The last section…(ignore my crazy pants which are awesome art teacher pants), but it’s so show 4-point. He was so angry!! lol

Supported standing at home. 🙂 He’s grown since this video. Getting so strong!!!

Ok, I promise I’m done for today 🙂 Love sharing this boy and all the great things he is up to!
Thanks for checking us out!


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