Slowing Down

Since my last post we have been pretty busy with your typical day-to-day hustle. It’s nice honestly. 🙂
Often I get caught up in the stress when I should be focused on how I’m blessed. So to say not much has been going on isn’t a bad thing.
We are in the last week of school and I missed 2 days of it being sick and taking care of sick Eli.
Apparently I have a viral cough. Never had that in my adult life before. It sucks. It required an inhaler. It destroyed my milk supply. 😦 (so if you’re keeping track, we went 6.5 months EBF, and he’s nearly 8 months and still nursing twice a day! Yay!)

Then Eli got it. Plus nasty diapers and a 101.3 fever.
We survived our first fever though. It was rough. I didn’t panic…instead I sought the sage advice of my mom and Facebook friends. 😉 by the end of the evening Eli was covered in lime juice and naked except his diaper and vinegar-soaked socks. (Don’t ask…Lol) I’m not sure if it was the Tylenol, the pedialite, or my mommy snuggles, but we finally beat the fever in the wee morning hours.

When he doesn’t feel well he just flops around and wants to be held.
I literally held Eli from Monday evening around 5 until Tuesday night at 8pm when I put him to bed. At least it sure feels that way…

I just peeled off my snotty shirt (thanks, buddy) and crawled into bed.
The illness prevented me from going to 2 play dates and Christmas shopping but it was nice to snuggle with my little man.

He’s becoming less little! I had to clean out his drawers again to move up to the next size in clothes (6 months! Yahoo!). Still a size 1 in shoes haha
It was bittersweet to pack those tiny things away. I want him to get bigger but I don’t at the same time.
I faced the same battle this afternoon. He was feeling a bit better and I had just gotten off the phone with ECI (ugh…). I was feeling defeated and Eli had been floppy for 2 days. I didn’t want to cuddle anymore, I wanted him to crawl.
Just to get some fresh air, we went out into the yard and he got into 4 point!! I was even able to let go for a second! I was so proud but instantly sad! I know, I’m crazy. Lol but it’s true! I want him to succeed but I am sad because he won’t be little forever.

Part of my wonders if I’m being forced to slow down for a reason. Beside the obvious…cause I’m always running. But I wonder if God is foreshadowing the future of our family. And it scares me to even admit it, but I wonder if after all we went through to get Eli…will I ever be able to do it again? Or should I be enjoying these moments with my first and last?
It’s a valid thought! I know how very lucky we are to even have Eli…just wonder if we can get that lucky again. Once and infertile always. I don’t know if that will ever go away.

I know…there is a plan and I need to trust that. So instead of being focused on my random wonderings, I need to enjoy what we have now. And it’s pretty dang awesome. 🙂

Ok ok…what else is new? Hoping I’ve made progress with ECI. I asked our case manager if she had an update and her response was that she’s on vacation and hasn’t heard anything. So I contacted her supervisor and we have a name! So maybe now that we know who our new OT is going to be, we can move forward!

Next week we go to get Eli’s aids fitted. I’m anxious but excited about the potential there. We will see how that goes.

I think that’s about it. Slowing down (not in my nature, thanks viral cough…clearly it’s what I needed…) and enjoying the season. I still have some shopping to do and food to plan. Now if only this Texas weather would cooperate. I don’t think it got the message that Christmas is in a week!

Hope everyone has an awesome winter break!


3 Replies to “Slowing Down”

  1. Us moms always wish our Littles wouldn’t grow up so fast. We’d love those quiet magical moments of babyhood would last just a wee bit longer.

    Getting to love a baby with Down syndrome means we get that wish!!! Sometimes even though those baby days last longer than typical, they still go by too quickly, don’t they? Enjoy the magic.

    Merry Christmas,

    1. We were just talking about this in our FB group too. I’m trying to savor the moments and not put pressure on myself or Eli to do more than he is ready to do. Trying to honor him. 🙂

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