Santa and Updates

1-11-3Christmas time is already here!! In my neck of the woods, they put Christmas decor up the day of Halloween! Barry doesn’t like it if I put it up before Thanksgiving, so I typically spend the evening of Thanksgiving and the next day decorating. 😉 which means Christmas music and glitter fill the house. 🙂 and Barry is typically on the roof for three hours hanging lights. Lol

We have already gotten our first cards of the season and done a bit of shopping! I had intended to take pictures of Eli for our family card but I didn’t think about Santa pictures. My hairdresser actually mentioned them, to which I immediately responded, “that’s a parent thing…it’s probably expected, huh?” Duh!!! I know my family would be mighty upset if they didn’t get “ho-ho” pictures.
New parent duties I was happy to take on none-the-less. And! Eli’s not afraid of strangers…yet. So it was perfect timing. They turned out adorable if I do say so myself. 🙂

On to updates: going through videos…will post some soon! But here is one from a few weeks ago where we practice weight-bearing. It’s crazy to watch the video even now, because he has gotten better just in that small amount of time since filiming this.

What else? I think Eli is going through a growth spurt. He feels bigger and looks bigger but maybe it’s just me. We are treating an ear infection now and he’s been super awesome the last few days. Feeling good, sounds good, looks good. His sitting is better- stronger. I feel like suddenly he has blossomed into this animated little character! He has loads to say, he plays and makes good eye contact…I just feel like I am re-learning who he is all over again. In a good way. He amazes me every day.

Definitely missing our OT and hoping to get a new one soon. We need that support even more now. Watching his peers move forward with crawling and trying to walk is hard on me, but having our OT to encourage us and give us tips made it easier to cope. Eli doesn’t care. I do. But he will get there and he is doing wonderfully regardless. Just missing her support.

We had a speech eval last week and another one through ECI yesterday. Our private eval recommended therapy because his listening/understanding was developmentally behind. Our ECI therapist said Eli was perfect, and didn’t need any therapy. She gave us some milestone paperwork so we could read up on feeding milestones on our own, and acknowledged the hearing as an issue (one that she won’t address since he can’t hear well anyway, we can’t do anything until he gets aids). She wants to see us again in 2-3 months. -_- Funny how ECI doesn’t want to work with him…
The evals were so different from each other too- Private eval asked a lot of questions and ultimately did a quick test to see where Eli was at. ECI just watched him eat and gave a few pointers on how to help (AND said to tap his tongue to make it go back into his mouth…seriously.) Frustrated much? So we will see. Lot’s to discuss with Barry about that.

That’s all that’s going on in our lives right now! I’m sure I will have more to say once our therapy situation is worked out (still dealing with OT and Speech as well as some emotions on this end). Hope you are enjoying the season!


7 Replies to “Santa and Updates”

  1. Honestly, we didn’t really access our school district’s E.I. OT and Speech therapists because they seemed indifferent, which I didn’t like. We just decided to go private and it’s been everything we needed. We are on hold with PT right now (but plan to pick up this spring in order to work on jumping and trike riding) but we do private speech and OT once a week. Now that Owen is in pre-school, he gets OT and speech 2x a week there and I can tell it’s all making a difference now. I just hate that E.I. tries to push everyone out because their caseloads “are too big”. Eli is really doing great with bearing weight and I do agree that he has changed a bit–bigger looking. I would always feel like just when I got a handle on where Owen was, he would change and it’s still happening! 🙂

    1. That’s the feeling I got- she wasn’t very interested no matter hos positive and up-beat he voice was. So We are considering appealing for a second opinion or going private. Lots to think about since our insurance only covers 20 therapy visits a year 😦

      That’s awesome that Owen gets all of that! So are you doing a PPCD program?

      1. Wow, only 20 therapy visits a year? I can understand now why you are working hard to get what you need from ECI (our insurance covers 90 therapy visits a year). Owen attends special education preschool 3x a week through our school district. He has 5 classmates, a teacher, a classroom aide (for all the kids), an OT and an SLP. I plan to do a more inclusive setting next school year as long as his communication skills improve.

  2. Wonderful that you are having speech consults so early—what a great system you have if it’s part of it or healthcare or certainly worth it if paying for it yourself. Speech & communicating is so critical it should be supported from birth with education. Hopefully you are thinking of sign language which you can start any time to learn it but kids start it early and need lots of reinforcement. But it’s something to start ANY time, some kids may not have the fine motor or imitation skills until 18 months but some as early as 8 months!!

    That Santa pic is grand, just so special. You knocked it out of the park!!

    Halloween decorations down & Christmas up–wow, that is early oh my.

    Get the OT going, therapy is really helpful for kiddies but I agree – hugely beneficial for the whole family & mindset to calm those sneaking concerns or wandering thoughts. It’s your right, there should be other OT right there to cover or switch too. It might take a few tries to find a good fit so start the ball rolling even if it takes a huge PUSH or an stern phone call from momma bear. 😈

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