Check Up!

We had Eli’s check up today. He’s a long skinny dude! Weighed in at 12lb 5oz and 24inches long.
He’s totally off the typical growth charts so we’ve taken them out of the picture.
Not convinced that’s the best move since those charts are pretty outdated but I use a growth app on my phone that helps me keep up just fine.
On the Ds charts he’s doing very well. They would like us to fatten him up but admitted that we were doing everything possible to do that. He’s just tiny.
My frozen milk supply is nearly gone so once we switch to some supplemented formula that *might* help.

The PA also pointed out he has pigeon chest. I had noticed it at birth but his pedi didn’t seem too worried and I was unaware it was an issue. It’s not super deep and doesn’t seem to hurt him so that’s good. Once she pointed it out I became a bit concerned but his PA said likely it’s nothing to even think about.
It’s more common in boys and mostly cosmetic.
So our dude has 2 extra special things going on cause his parents have funky genes. Yay for split uvulas and pigeon chests! (Who names these things?)

Healthy and doing well! The dreaded shots and milestone check ups were more tolerable this time. He’s just so smart and so on track right now that Q and A wasn’t bad. The shots I hate and I hate dealing with the doctor because he always tries to pressure us into something we don’t want. But I stuck to my guns and we did fine.
Eli will be grumpy tomorrow. I don’t like how he is after shots.

Our man is a total flirt. Had him up at work for 10 or so minutes and he hammed it up. Laughed and smiled for everyone. 🙂 made me happy.
Soaking up and enjoying his little happy personality before the crankiness sets in from our pedi visit.

He’s also started making raspberries. I don’t know if its a thing we should discourage it (or how to discourage it) but its pretty funny.

Does this post feel disjointed? Sorry! Feeling disjointed I guess but so glad it’s Friday. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


6 Replies to “Check Up!”

  1. Nice work on the checkup little man! Nicholas is also BIG into raspberries at the moment. I looked it up and apparently it’s an important developmental milestone and is good for their speech development – so I’m encouraging it! (PS. Didn’t feel disjointed. Happy Friday!) x

  2. Hey, blowing raspberries – that’s awesome. And I remember you mentioning that he babbles and coos or something along those lines. In the world of Down syndrome – that is so FABULOUS!!!!!! My little guy is 6 and he was silent for the first 4 years or so of his life, and we are just now getting words. Eli is WAYYYYYYY ahead of the game!!!! I think the ability to communicate is so key to quality of life, and if he can speak, he will have so many opportunities to be a part of the things going on around him.


    1. Alyson, thanks so much! Yeah he talks and coos and makes his presence know all the time. I guess that’s good since the ENT thinks he can’t hear well. He doesn’t respond to his name or always try to see where a sound is coming from. That worries me but I try not to let it.

      I’m so glad your LO is starting to get the hang of it!! That’s incredible news!! 🙂

      1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
        Best thing I’ve invested myself in so far. I have found that as Noah finally starts being able to say words, they are following in the same pattern as he learned to sign. Because he has apraxia/motor planning issues, common in kids with DS, I really think having a physical motor plan already in place for a word does oodles as far as giving him a heads up on learning to say the word.

        I’ve talked to several parents of older kids with Down syndrome who say the one thing they would have done differently was they would have learned and taught their kiddo ASL.


        (Sorry it took me so long to reply – I just figured out how to follow comments to my comments)

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