ABR Update

Just got off the phone with Eli’s ENT. Basically she confirmed what thought the audiologist suspected- the majority of the hearing loss is likely due to fluid.
It doesn’t help that he has low muscle tone so his ear drums are likely floppy. And they are tiny which could also block some sound.
It could also be *some* nerve damage just due to the fact that he has Down syndrome. :/

ABR’s are typically repeated to get a better idea of the whole picture. So it’s not terrible that he needs to repeat.
If he has nerve damage they will fit him for hearing aides until his ears are large enough for tubes.

She said she was surprised about the left ear being better since she thought the right ear looked physically better at his exam. Which is also a characteristic of fluid. She also said he’s babbling and very vocal- all good signs. She didn’t seem worried overall and said this was a very good plan of treatment.

So we will retest in 3 months and give him his decongestant before the test and see what those results are. If the results are similar it could indicate nerve damage but waiting 3 months won’t change much of anything at this stage.

It made me feel a bit better but I’m definitely anxious. I don’t want to add more to what makes him different and I want to help him so he can hear better.

All in all mild to moderate hearing loss isn’t the worst case scenario but it makes this mama bear puff up.
Please just pray that little man can start sprouting up and that his ears will open up, drain and grow.

Types of hearing loss: and .


11 Replies to “ABR Update”

  1. Great news.

    I wouldn’t rush to get the hearing aides. David also has mild hearing loss. He talks up a storm. Sometimes I think he has supersonic hearing. He doesn’t miss a thing. Having the tubes has made such a difference for our son.

    Be gentle.

    1. His ENT (once we spoke) did say the same thing. Maybe the audiologist was in a hurry or presenting the worst case scenario but it scared me.
      I think the tubes will make a huge difference once he is big enough for them. When was your sons first set?

      1. I hope that at 9 mo Eli’s ears will be big enough! I was anxious about tubes at first but it seems a better alternative than hearing aides. But the main thing is that he can hear so at the end of the day that’s what I’m trying to stay focused on: helping him be his best. 😉

      2. If your doc has a lot of kids with DS in his ENT practice, he will be used to the small ear canals. Our doc was (and is) the best! My son still has the smallest ear tubes, but they are still working great.

      3. The first doc claimed he did but he used Ds as an excuse for all his symptoms.
        This new doc is amazing and on board with a positive course of treatment that’s active not passive like the first doc.

      4. We spoke with other parents in our area. We got recommendations on our ENT and I still refer patients to see him (lol). If you get a chance to find a parent with an older child with DS who sees your ENT, it will give you a good opportunity to see how their child is treated.

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