Kicking Butt

…Taking Names!

We just got back from our appointment with our new ENT for Eli. She came highly recommended by many friends and we got in quickly.
First thing they did was check to see how his ear drums were functioning. They responded as if they had fluid on them. The audiologist explained that it likely means he has had fluid this whole time due to his small ear canals and congestion. It’s likely he has suffered some hearing loss.
At this point I wanted to cry but just tried to listen to the options instead. We know he can hear and we can work with this situation.
I’m just so thankful I decided to get a second opinion…who knows where we would be if I would have listened to the other doctor and waited another 6 months before coming back in.

Next we saw the ENT. She noted that he has no infections but a very booger-filled little nose. Lol she was very convinced that he has silent reflux. It may be keeping him up at night and irritating his nose causing all this stuffiness and goo we are seeing.
She wants us to try Prevacid and see what happens. Done.

She has ordered a sleep study (awaiting the eval and appointment setup) because she felt it was important and would like to do tubes. She said that even if his ears clear up he is likely to struggle with this his whole life. Since this is such a crucial time for his cognition and language development I want to do what’s best for his hearing.
She doesn’t want to do the tubes herself because Eli has never been put under. Since he is at a greater risk for blood pressure issues and heart issues while under anesthesia, she wants the surgery at Texas Children’s so we don’t find anything out the hard way. Got it.

She also pointed out that his uvula is heart shaped– which is apparently an issue closely related to cleft palette. It could be part of why his nose is stuffy- the split uvula doesn’t keep stuff from going into his nose.
Apparently my youngest brother also has this and has ear issues and tubes in his ears. Should research that a bit more.

All that to say it went wonderfully and I’m pleased with the results.

He had 2 therapy sessions today which were wonderful and has his first private therapy eval on Wednesday.

On the 28th Eli will be 6 months. Can you believe it?! Half a year! We feel so blessed. He’s wonderful and perfect.


3 Replies to “Kicking Butt”

  1. I’m so glad you were able to get in quickly to see someone new. I think the ENT gave you great advice and I bet you have less issues once the tubes are in. Owen had his tubes put in 2 summers ago. Prior to the ear tubes going in, we were at the doctor’s every 6 weeks or so because of ear infections. Since the tubes went in, ZERO ear infections. I’m so glad we did it (he had his adenoids and tonsils removed at the same time–3 for 1 deal!) and we had to “fire” our 1st ENT too because he was just too passive for what we needed.

  2. I love a doctor who responds to your concerns and doesn’t poo-poo them like you’re Chicken Little saying, “The sky is falling.” Thank goodness you found this ENT and got some satisfaction and some action. Yay.

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