Fall Update

This past weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with our local DSAH group. It was a bit of a muggy day and Eli was not feeling it, but I set him up in the pumpkins anyhow. lol

Eli has been fighting off some mucus goo stuff. We took him to the ENT as part of his newborn follow up (he never passed his newborn hearing in his left ear, and failed once in his right but then later passed). His ENT dismissed all my concerns, refused to do a hearing exam, ignored Eli’s stuffy nose (said it was just normal- suggested adult Afrin to help clear it up) and scoffed at the idea of a sleep study (claimed an infant Eli’s age would never tolerate a sleep study and if by some miracle he did, he would never tolerate any intervention should it uncover sleep apnea etc.). I should have spoken up…but he was pretty dismissive and I decided while he was flapping his lips that we would never go back…so I got what we needed and left. The good things that resulted from this visit:
-We discovered Eli didn’t have fluid in his ears…on that day.
-We finally broke down and bought a nose frida.
-We now have a new ENT.

Our next appointment with our new ENT is on Monday.

Other news:
-Eli now weighs 12lb 2oz
-He has discovered his feet 🙂 He plays with them and pulls on them all the time now.
-He is eating very very well, using his whole mouth and gets tons of compliments during therapy. (We tried apples the other day. He hearts them. hehe)
-He is getting stronger every day, and we feel like he is ready to sit independently, except that he doesn’t quite have the reflex to put his arms out to catch himself yet.
-He was finally accepted into private therapy at TCH- we are getting his eval set up for ST and PT soon.

I guess that’s the scoop for right now. He’s a darling boy and doing wonderfully. Thanks for checking up on us!


6 Replies to “Fall Update”

  1. Gawd. Why are doctors SUCH doodieheads?! I think being a pediatrician, being dismissive is the LAST thing you want to be. I’m glad you found a new ENT and this one is better!

    As for Eli, he’s getting SO big! Stop growing up, Eli! 😛

    1. I know right?! Yeah we have had pretty good luck with doctors, but I know you have had your fair share of bad experiences with them. Sucks but we just keep trucking along until we find the perfect one for us. 🙂
      Miss you guys!!

      1. That’s all you can do! No need to stick with someone who isn’t meeting your/your child’s needs, right?

        We miss you guys, too! I was just talking about Barry with my MIL yesterday. She started doing the Habitat For Humanity, as well. 🙂 Maybe if The Crud ever leaves our household we can hang out!

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