We’ve been working Little E hard in therapy recently. This is a video to show some of what we are doing. Hope it helps someone else! 🙂
(I apologize in advance- the video is unedited and clipped together to show multiple workouts).

The first 50-60 seconds is Eli on what I call the peanut. We use it to bounce on, for supported standing and practice pushing up with his arms. We put him in a crouching position on his knees, with our thumb under his armpits to offer support. The peanut is between the adults legs at an incline (the less incline, the more you challenge those muscles).

The second portion is putting Eli in the crawl position. His legs are curled to the side with support at his hips/waste. You can see how his therapist positions her hands to give him help as he dips forward. We attempted the sitting and crawl position at the end of the session when he was tired lol Poor little man!

The third section is supported standing. Eli is leaning on the peanut while pushing his weight through his legs. He’s getting better at this one every day 🙂
His therapist pushes him back and forth to not only encourage those feet to come down on their own, but also help with balance.

I look forward to therapy days and watching Eli’s strength improve. 🙂 he’s getting so strong!


6 Replies to “Therapy”

  1. Hi Ashley! My little princess is 7 weeks old and will start 1x/week OT next week. May I ask how many times the ECI OT worked with Eli when he was between 2 months to 6 months, and how often Eli has OT after 6 months? I am so amazed by Eli’s skills and want to make sure princess gets all the help she needs to develop to her max potential. Blessings!

    1. Hey! That’s such a good question. In the beginning we just did a lot of tummy time and singing to him. It was pretty easy stuff lol We would meet with OT twice a month. After the 6 month mark we bumbed up to 4 times a month, and now at a year we are adding in PT as well. 🙂

      Congrats on your new little one! That is so exciting 🙂 I love newborns 😉

      1. Thx for your quick response. Very much appreciated! Eli is an inspiration to our family!!!

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