Food Time!

We recently started Eli on his first taste of “solid” foods. It felt like a huge step and I was nervous to take it. We know he is sensitive because of how he reacted to the supplements, so we took it slow. We started one week with probiotics, then a week with vitamins and now he gets 2 tablespoons of oatmeal a day.
He’s tolerating everything really well and feeding like a champ!
We had his OT check out his eating this afternoon and she was impressed. (This video is from his very first tastes/bites…we have learned how to eat better since then!). No tongue thrust, he’s showing signs of readiness and learning/adaptation to this new form of eating.
Going from the bottle, to nursing, to spoon feeds requires all different mechanics. We are so proud of him and how well he is doing!
So I think we will stick with just an evening feed for now and work our way up to other foods.

What else is new? I got Eli an appointment with his ENT set up sooner than originally planned.
I’m interested in having a sleep study done just to make sure he’s getting what he needs at night so he can grow. A friend recently had one done thinking her son was a good sleeper only to discover he actually had sleep apnea.
Eli sleeps very well and his angel care monitor never goes off at night so we are comfortable with that situation for now. But he’s still so tiny and I’m wondering if he’s getting the oxygen he needs to grow properly at night time.
Plus he is still stuffy and officially had his second ear infection so I think it’s worth looking into.

In other news, Barry is working on Eli’s rocking chair, getting it stained to match his furniture and I’m getting ready for fall weather!
My transition into working is getting easier, but letting go of his therapy during the day is still hard. I have a whole therapy post I’m working on- we had therapy yesterday and I just gotta say, this kid never stops amazing me. 🙂 hope everyone is having a good week!


3 Replies to “Food Time!”

  1. I’m new to your blog – found it at your guest spot today. Eli is gorgeous. The hair kills me!! So cute! Yay for the oatmeal. I look forward to following you in your journey. You’re what parents are meant to be.

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