We have officially survived our first adult sickness with a baby.
I get sick all. The. Time. I blame it on my job and the fact that I come into contact with nearly 700 young kids in a week. I’ve tried disinfecting my tables and doors, plus I was my hands until they dry up and fall apart. Nothing works. I get sick.
Barry never gets sick but whatever this yucky stuff was, got him this time too.

It’s one thing to have one parent down but both? That bites. We needed someone to take care of us and the baby. Lol
The best thing though, Eli didn’t catch it. Even with us kissing all over him before our symptoms popped up. Yay breast milk! 😉

Anyway, we survived it so yay for that.

Eli had his therapy evaluation yesterday. I was super nervous because when I asked ECI for the eval, our coordinator downplayed my concerns. After a bit of arguing and finally reasoning with her she agreed to submit the proper forms. It feel frustrating to be at someone else’s mercy like that…and I know they are short staffed (yay Texas budget cuts) but Eli’s success is all that matters.
45 days later, in walks the OT. She’s not the cheerleader that our coordinator is but she did love on Eli and worked him hard.20120919-120241.jpg {Pushing up with his arms for the first time!}
What was discouraging and validating at the same time was the first question she asked me: “How many times do you want me to come?”. Yay that we are getting services, boo that we actually need them. You know? But I was sad for only a second, because at the end of the day, all that matters is Eli’s success.
We’ve been fighting for a long time to make this happen so it feels good to slowly start to see a “team” being formed for him.
We will re-evaluate ST and PT but for now it looks like our OT has so much experience in many fields that we won’t need to branch out just yet.

So some positives: feeding is considered a non-issue since he went back to nursing (which still blows everyone away, including me), we started back on supps over the weekened and seem to be tolerating them well, he’s on target for physical milestones, he’s happy so we are too. 🙂

The new stuff: we have amped up our workouts and added a few new things. Eli is still doing well, he’s on track for his milestones and we are happy about that. What will threaten his progress is his low tone. He wants to crawl, he wants to push up, he wants to put weight on his legs and arms but it’s difficult for him.
But we have a plan and goals and a supportive team. This is going to be awesome. 🙂
Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! It feels good to say we accomplished that and can move forward with whatever is next.


One Reply to “Sicky”

  1. I’m glad that the therapy is going well! Eli has yet to prove anyone wrong. He’s a strong little man! I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend. 😀

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