Eli has been enjoying his jumparoo and we enjoy watching him play in it. It’s been so neat to see him grow and change. He is so much more interested in things around him and becoming more interactive every day. 🙂 Love this little man so much!
So we have him rigged up in the jumper with a rolled up towel behind him and a pillow under his feet so he can jump. All the movement is his movement. My OT mentioned that the jumper wasn’t considered the best for kids with Ds so I plan to discuss this with the PT when she comes next week to evaluate him. For now, he likes it and so do we 🙂 Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂


5 Replies to “Jumper”

  1. yep, they’ll all tell you it’s bad for their hips. BUT i feel that as long as you don’t leave him in there 24/7 it’s fine. our kids need to have fun some times too! 😉 we always hid our naughty toys from rachel’s PT. 😀

    1. Why is it bad for their hips? And how is that different from holding him on my hip or in my moby wrap?
      Yeah, he was in it 20 minutes max and he loved it so I don’t see it going anywhere 😉

      1. It has to do with widening of hips from prolonged sitting in a jumper or exersaucer (hip dysplasia is often a common result of it). Our PT always said 20 minutes a day wouldn’t hurt any kiddo. It looks like he’s definitely having fun though!

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