I admit it, I’m a Gleek! I’ve watched since day one and loved every episode. I even watch The Glee Project to see people compete for spots on the show.
The music is not the main reason why I tune in- its a feel good show that leaves me happier for having watched it. The depth of the characters and the message of inclusion makes this show special and unique.
Having watched two seasons of The Glee Project, its clear that they are looking for someone who has a story to tell, who can inspire their audience and relate to others.

For years I’ve watched Becky, a character on Glee who happens to have down syndrome. She inspired me before we had Eli but now her roll is even more important because of the message she represents for my son- hope and inclusion.

The first episode of this season’s Glee introduced us to Robin- Sue’s new baby who just so happens to have down syndrome. She’s absolutely precious and I’m excited to see how her character plays out this season.

Thank you, Glee, for your belief in people and the importance of acceptance. Our Eli is a the light bringer God promised us he would be and we are excited about his future.


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