Check Up

Eli had his check up today. He is now at 11lb 11oz and 22.5 inches long. He gained a whopping 4oz in one month lol it’s not for lack of trying!! He’s just a little dude!
His doctor isn’t concerned- he is still within his original percentile range and technically gaining so its ok. I have to admit that I was disappointed with his weight gain but just glad he’s healthy.

They looked at the milestones checklist…the dreaded list. I say this because I fear the day when we have to say “no, he’s not doing that yet”. But Eli blew the staff out of the water with his mad skillz. He’s either on target or above target for his age in his motor skills and abilities.
His nurse was flabbergasted that at four months he has picked up breastfeeding- based on her experience that’s a rare thing for any baby that didn’t regularly nurse before.

So he’s doing wonderfully. 🙂 and we couldn’t be more proud.
I also got our eval set up for OT with ECI so I feel like progress was made. I spoke to another private PT company and discovered their sister business accepts our health insurance for ST. Now if I could just get my act together and finish applying for Medicaid….

What else is new? Little E is teething. It’s throwing everyone else off because it’s his back gums that are nubby and swollen but once I explain that kiddos with Ds get teeth in a different order, they all agree he’s teething and he’s handling it quite well. He’s been fussy, drooling and nawing on everything but a real champ about it all.

I feel like I’m finally getting into this working mom routine. I’m not as tired or sad but I do miss my son. And I think I must bother his caregivers. I’m always asking questions and being pushy about his therapies/needs.
I hate giving up control and I worry but he let’s me know he’s doing just fine. 🙂
All I have to say is thank you, God for our sweet blessing, for his wonderful caregivers and for the strength and wisdom to be this precious boy’s parents. Love this guy so much!!


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