Supported Sitting

I put together this video to show you some of the ways we work on Eli’s core and building his neck/head strength. He’s still a bit wobbly and not sitting on his own right now, but I would say that we are doing pretty darn well for ourselves!

The video is a bit “chopped up”- it’s several strung together. Sorry!

The first portion talks about placement with baby looking over your shoulder. Eli loves to look around at everything, so any time that involves him sitting up or getting a good view of things is his fave.
When baby is looking over your shoulder, make sure their hands are up. This gets them used to beginning to push up with their hands and bare weight on those arms. If their hands fall to the side, just put them back up on your shoulder.

The middle section talks about pulling up. We typically lay Eli on the floor or in our laps and pull him up by his arms. This needs to be done with care as well. Children with lower muscle tone may become injured when performing this move due to loose joints/muscles. Whenever possible, baby’s legs need to be pulled together (not sprawled out in the “frog” position)- so this is a good opportunity to do that as well.

The last section is just supported sitting. We do a lot of this with him and it is his favorite. He will sit in our laps or in his bumbo (I know the chair has been recalled…PLEASE only use the chair when you are SUPERVISING your child- NEVER leave your child in this chair alone! and be sure to order the repair kit)
When in the bumbo, we will do a rolled blanket behind his back for added support if needed. When baby’s head begins to drop down, he is tired and it is time to come out of the chair.

Supported sitting on mom and dad is great for positioning the legs correctly and being able to control that head better. Practice this often and vary your position (by leaning forward and backward) to challenge baby’s core to keep up with an unstable surface.

Only do these when baby has better control over their head. We do these as often as possible throughout the day.


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