Speech speech speech

20120909-072211.jpgWe are enjoying a “cold front” this weekend here in Texas (less humidity and not 100 degrees. Lol)
Barry and I cleaned the house and did laundry while spending time with Little E. It was lazy, relaxing and fun. We discovered Eli likes to be held above our heads, that he has an awesome belly laugh and a new ticklish spot on his ribs. 🙂

We also had time to write out questions for our OT and watch a video she left for us. If you are interested in additional speech support this video is a good start. For us I felt it was a bit surface level- for example, it hinted that oral massages should be started early but didn’t tell you what kind or how.
It goes through the different stages of speaking which I thought was very useful and helped us to see where Eli is at (on target).
On the plus side, we were able to be affirmed with the stuff we are already doing and it shows successful kiddos with Ds speaking well and flourishing.
It also gave tips on when to add grammar, correcting language issues, and when to begin sentences (again, with no depth to grow the concept but tips on beginning).

It sparked a convo between Barry and I about Eli’s progress. He’s changed so much and grown in ways we had always imagined before his diagnosis.
We both forget about Ds. It’s just not what comes to mind when I see my son anymore.
The future still worries me. It still scares me sometimes. Even watching that video got me teary-eyed…I’m not in denial but Eli is just so amazingly bright. The child we pictures when we decided to start our family. He’s perfect. 🙂
It got me thinking too- if Eli is already babbling and saying “mom” and “mama”, interacting so well and being so social, how does that bode for his future speech? Is that typical for successful speech with Ds?
I don’t know. But what I do know is that we don’t have any reason to believe Eli will slow down. He’s been nothing but typical and we thank God for him every day.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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