Rolling Practice

Since Eli just started rolling over I though I’d share this video. 🙂
Practice for rolling over is essential for baby to become mobile. Eli get’s very frustrated when he cannot move to where he wants to go- so obviously this was at the top of our list!

We do a lot of side laying- putting him on his side with his back against the back of the couch, or some pillows propped up on the bed, or with support from our hands.
This helps to build the core muscles and gets baby used to the positioning.

When you are ready to begin rolling over, it’s all about muscle memory. To go from back to tummy, you will want to cross one leg over, and gently roll your baby into the desired position. Make sure their arm doesn’t get caught beneath their body when performing the move.

When rolling from tummy to back, you will just tuck one leg under and roll baby onto their back. Again, be careful of their little arm getting caught.

It feels so passive sometimes, but it’s about building the muscle memory and introducing the sensation of rolling. Try to put as much language to it as possible- talk to your baby and tell them what you are doing. Cheer them on and make it exciting by adding fun toys or a mirror for baby to look at.

Another tip: when Eli is on his tummy and we aren’t crawling around to look into his eyes and see him face-to-face, we make sure his little booty is pressed down. He uses his abs to hold his head up, which ends up pushing his butt in the air as well. This is ultimately counter-productive to holding your head up and makes it more difficult. But that face-to-face interaction is much more important than holding the booty down, and you can’t be at both ends of the baby all the time. lol
Also, when on their tummy, make sure their hands are positioned at their collar bones with palms open to begin introducing pushing up. You want baby to begin pushing up with their hands.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

20120906-191915.jpgRecent updates: at 4 months old Eli has decided he is ready for breastfeeding again. So randomly our schedule has changed- one pumping in the evening combined with breastfeeding on demand. 🙂 so so proud of him!! He looks pretty proud too hehe


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