Baby Food Soon!

I’ve been working on this post for a while, and it’s just become a random one full of stuff that I want to revisit eventually. lol So I apologize if it feels random…’cause it is!

Mostly I’ve been focused on pumping…I’ve been working hard to keep up my supply and I am proud to say that after 2 weeks back at work, I haven’t completely lost it! We added domperidone to my vitamins and it has kept me stable. I used to make 32oz a day. When I cut out my night time pumping I went down to 29oz. When I went back to work I tanked…averaging about 20oz a day, but it was gradually dropping every day. I added the domperidone a week ago Monday, cut down to 7 pumping sessions a day and have gotten back up to 20-21oz a day. I will take it! As long as it isn’t dropping…

All that to say, I think Eli eats more than that, so it’s likely that we will have to begin supplementing soon. I’m ok with it as long as it’s just a bottle or two. We definietly don’t want to add any foods to his diet until 6 months. It was always my goal to pump that long and I’m almost there! 🙂 Let’s see what happens! In just 2 months we will be able to introduce some new foods, which I am very excited about so that will help. But in just two months he will be eating way more too! According to, he will peek at 6 months or so with his milk intake. This momma just can’t do any more than she is doing. (Milk intake by month.)
I bought some baby oatmeal yesterday while grocery shopping and I’m going to start collecting food reciepes. Hello Pinterest! 😉 Eli is already sitting very well in his high chair 🙂 hehe

Now on to the randomness…
*What NOT to say about a special needs child
* Where were you when I was pregnant?!:Chic Cheap Nursery
*Resources: Down Syndrome Options
*WANT!Tripp Trapp

See? Random…


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