Barry’s Birthday

20120902-094837.jpgThis weekend has been so relaxing! I’m glad we decided to get away together. 🙂
Such a different day compared to last year. A year ago this weekend we were celebrating Barry’s birthday and I was trying to hold myself together. I had just finished my embryo transfer and recovered from bed rest. On the way home from work my mom had to talk me down- I was 100% convinced our IVF cycle did not work and we were not pregnant. When I arrived home, I immediately wanted to discuss adoption options instead of prepare for Barry’s party.
What I really wanted to do was cry but having people over forced me to move forward and be positive.
Emotions were high, hopes were being stressed and prayers were being lifted up. I remember every detail of that day down to what I was wearing.
Little did we know that Gods plan was already in motion. (Although, Barry says he knew the whole time that we were pregnant already and it was a boy hehe.)
Today, as we celebrate Barry’s birthday, we reflect on the blessings that have been poured out through our journey and our precious son. What a difference a year makes.
Thank you for sharing in our journey.


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