Us Time

20120901-063914.jpgThis weekend is unique in many ways. It’s my first weekend after a week back at work. It’s Barry’s birthday weekend. It’s the first weekend we have been away from Eli for more than a few hours. If you follow us on instagram, you got to see my sappy pictures as we left 😉 lol I know, I’m a nerd.

At last years Newman/Rolader Beach Trip, all the young Newman’s decided we should get together and do something big. So here I am, sitting literally on top of lake livingston, a storm brewing on the far side of the lake and the wind blowing in my hair. It’s bittersweet. I still have to pump while I’m away, which makes me miss Eli more. Oh how I miss him….I cried most of the way here. But this time with Barry is so special…we need “us time” too.
My sweet sister is watching him while we are away so I know he is in good hands. 🙂 I bet they are having fun right now! I will update you on our trip when we return. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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