Rolling Over!

We are now rolling! So proud!
Eli has been working on rolling over for quite some time. He started rolling over from tummy to back at about 3 weeks old. We’ve worked hard since then to roll from back to tummy but just hasn’t quite gotten there.
Instead, he has been focused on sitting up and seems to prefer sitting and looking around. We revisited the bumbo chair with huge success- he sits quite well in it to my surprise.
Then, this morning I was looking at the milestones for typical 4 month olds. I mentioned them to Barry and said that this is likely when we will begin to see Eli fall behind since he’s still got lower tone. I wasn’t sad about it, just stating an observation. But Eli has this way of proving me wrong- every time I worry that he isn’t doing something, or that he is falling behind, he decides that is when he will start doing whatever it is I’m worried about. No joke! And today was no different. During our therapy session on Friday we discussed ways to help Eli start rolling over, and tonight he rolled over! He rolled with purpose SEVERAL times so he could look at a toy!
PROUD MOMMA indeed!! 🙂 I can’t believe how much he has changed and grown. 🙂

How we got there: Lots of side-laying and practice rolling.

Today he had 2 play dates with a friend and our neighbors- it was so much fun. This kid worked out for realz. He spent a lot of time on his tummy with his friend and even more this evening with our neighbors. Holding my friend’s 3 month old, it was nice to see all our kids’ similarities. Eli didn’t feel so “floppy” anymore, he was doing all the same things his friend was doing and they had a good time rolling on the floor together. Once more, I was proud of how far our little man has come and how hard he has worked.


6 Replies to “Rolling Over!”

  1. Sounds great!!! Proud moments it sounds like!
    Confession: I realized my first born could roll over (at approximately 4 months) when she rolled OFF the couch!!!! Great parenting, huh?

  2. Great so proud of our little man. Way to go ,he is doing so good mommy. Thanks for keeping us up on our great grand baby. LV u 3

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