Rough Week

This has been my first day back to work and it’s been a doozie…I feel like one thing after another has gone wrong and I was just ready to give up on this whole working mom gig. But after a pep-talk from my mom and love from Eli’s sitter, I’m feeling reassured and a bit better. A bit.
The weekend is nearly here and we have a scheduled PT evaluation set up in a few weeks, so things are looking up!

Since returning to work my milk supply has dropped. I’m in the works for some fixes…we will see. So far I eat and drink water like a mad-woman, I pump in the weirdest places to make sure I’m pumping enough, and I’m on fenugreek. My lactation consultant has a few tricks up her sleeve so I will update on that later.

Now for the amazing video that has helped me get through this difficult week:

I love this little guy so much!! He’s so happy and so sweet- been babbling and “talking” for a while now. He has even said “mom” and “momma” 🙂 So proud!!!
Oh! And I started our therapy videos, so I will update you on those soon too. 🙂
Send some prayers our way- I am one stressed out momma!


6 Replies to “Rough Week”

  1. Good luck finding balance and remember the sweet parts of being home but also the amazing parts of working. If you could job-share it is something some jobs & schools (you are a teacher?) consider but you can make working work and share with us how. Maybe less often but we treasure the time you find & hope you can blog quickly! Change is tough but the right spot for you will become apparent with time & you will see clearer when it is not a transition week. Those times are always tough. Hang in there and you have a lot to teach a lot of people! Take blog breaks and do a tiny bit less all around when you need to; sounds like you have some excellent, unbiased support teams to help give you insight too to help you find the right balance!

    1. If I would job share that would be a HUGE blessing but as of right now that’s not possible and I’m already signed into a contract so it is what it is 🙂 I will figure it all out

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