The Campbell Family

I’ve been following this sweet family recently- The Campbell’s. Go check them out and love on them! Looks like their perfect little girl will be here any day now! So excited for them! 🙂


8 Replies to “The Campbell Family”

    1. Absolutely!! Been praying for your little one and your family! She’s going to amaze you and I can’t wait to “meet” her!
      Are you on Facebook? Would love to connect with you there- tons of resources too! 🙂

  1. Thanks Ashley! What a great blog. I look forward to watching another family new to our shared path learn & help others like you do! Facebook is DEFINITELY incredible. Someone started a group for parents in our state and it’s taken off in incredible ways in the past month, consider convincing someone to do it in your state! I’m in California so our acronym is CAPODS (CA parents of DS). Yesterday a proud 19 year old mom with a 17 month old son was connected to a DS group within driving distance of her more rural area. The “sisterhood” group has 100 members! Just incredible, Facebook is very efficient & amazing way to find people you have areas in common with in unexpected ways & places!

    1. Be sure to read Ashley’s posts about meeting families & attending meetings & finding ways to connect with her own family. Her posts are really honest & insightful.

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