First Road Trip

This past weekend we took our first road trip as a family of three. It was pretty exciting and fun! Our destination was Forth Worth- to see one of my best friends and meet a new one! (Follow us on Instagram @thosenewmans for fun pictures of our trip!)
I literally spent the entire afternoon packing and preparing for the trip- when you have an infant the things you need increase! Our car was stuffed to the brim but I think I did a pretty good job remembering everything we needed. We even cloth diapered pretty successfully the entire trip.
Awesome discovery- Eli travels well- so we will definitely do it again. We made the nearly 4 hour drive from Houston to Fort Worth and Eli only fussed the last 10-15 minutes.

We really like Forth Worth- they have a totally different vibe up there. Love the buildings and the area too. And the food!! They have so many unique and tasty restaurants to eat at. Yummy!
But our favorite part is our friends, of course hehe Brad and Tiffany always host us when we go up and we are so greatful- they are always so gracious. I feel lucky to have life-long friends like them! Tiffany cooked wonderful meals and had fun stuff planned out for the whole weekend (best part was helping her register for baby stuff- cant wait to meet their new little!).

After a fun weekend we got brave and added one last stop on our way home- a trip to visit our friends over at Trial and Erin. Erin and I met through her blog and it was an instant connection. We wound up friends on Facebook after discovering we were part of the same group support page for MTHFR and pregnancy loss. Honestly, I believe it was more than just a coincident that we found each other…but what do I know? 🙂 only that we were brought together for a reason and we have been cheering each other on through our pregnancies. She’s amazing. Her family is a amazing and I feel so blessed to know them. Even better? Meeting face to face of course!! 🙂

So over all the weekend was successful! Some of our best friends live too far away! But I guess it’s a good excuse for another road trip 😉

Eli and I spent Monday trying to get back on schedule. That little turkey barely did any tummy time all weekend and got held all the time! So on Monday when it was time to get back to our routine he protested. First by waking up at 5 am (ugh…I don’t miss that! Miserable!) then by protesting all tummy time and workouts.

Only 2 more weeks until I return to work!! Yikes!! Glad we got a fun trip in before summer ends. Bittersweet for sure. Hope everyone is having a great week!


6 Replies to “First Road Trip”

  1. Sounds like a success all around, friends are great! Yes, packing gets a bit wild with infants and planes are worse due to weight & bulk limits! I love interesting connections and am glad you got to meet in person, very neat.

    Tough news about work and hope you can transition smoothly and stay connected & blogging when you find time eventually! Balance & peace to you.

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