Wordful Wednesday

20120801-091605.jpgNew pumping schedule is going very well!
🙂 we will have a better idea in a few more days but so far success!

Eli is being a total snuggle bug lately. He won’t nap during the day unless I’m holding him. We have been trying the “cry-it-out” method with no luck. Baby boy wants to be held.
Nearly everyone has an opinion about how to handle this situation. We’re just doing what feels right and it feels right to hold him. 🙂 even if it means I don’t get a lot done. Hehe

I’ve also figured out that I need to work harder to get him to finish a bottle. I think he gets tired and falls asleep too quickly. (I used to assume when he fell asleep he was satisfied but apparently not the case). Or he gets just enough to keep him satisfied for a while only to become hungry again an hour later. This means I’m feeding him all the time. And holding him all the time.
So I’m trying something new today and that seems to be working. He’s currently enjoyed 30 minutes of playmat therapy so yay for that!

I also started a new book last night on gross motor skills. New mama’s, this book is amazing and you NEED it!! I wish I had it sooner.
This book has relieved a lot of stress already. I can see what Eli is already doing (a lot more than I thought!) and work on specific goals with real tips and pictures.

I think I’m going to start a video series that details specific therapies we are working on. Noahsdad.com has some but nothing for infants like Eli.

Speaking of PT- we are working on a Medicaid application and in talks with 3 different services to get on waiting lists and sort through insurance junk.
This week = winning.


7 Replies to “Wordful Wednesday”

  1. I love this book but obviously haven’t been able to use the information yet. I’m glad to hear it works! Have you read the fine motor skills book yet? I’m hoping that one is also a good tool.

  2. Hello – I just happened upon your blog through a Google search. I was amazed to realize that our babies are almost exactly the same age! Our little Elliott was born at 10:58am on April 28 🙂 Wow. Loved perusing your blog – and seeing all the familiar terms… “tummy time,” “pumping,” etc. – it’s my world too 🙂 Best of luck to you and your beautiful baby.

    1. Karen- thanks for checking is out! That’s so cool that our little ones are so close in age! Wow!!
      I love your blog 🙂 looks like we definitely have lots in common hehe
      Enjoy your new little!

  3. That book is brilliant. It was the first one we bought when we received a pre-natal diagnosis with Felix. It’s got lots of great suggestions. Loving all the recent photos of Eli on FB. He gets more adorable each day x x x

    1. I wish I had known about it sooner!! 🙂 just glad we have it now.
      Awe thanks! You know I’m stalking your sweet boy! Hehe

      And holy moly! I was just telling my hubby how u hit a kangaroo- he said its like hitting a deer here. Crazy stuff but glad everyone is safe.

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