Ahhh…Saturdays. I LOVE them! Even though I have to get up early to pump (ugh) I get to go back to sleep because my wonderful hubby always gets up with Eli on Saturday morning. 😀
I think I need some more sleep so I can recharge. I’m one tired mama!

Speaking of sleeping, it’s 7am and Eli has been asleep since 6pm yesterday. I officially hate vaccines. 😦 hoping my boy is back to himself today. I just want my little man back!

Have a great weekend- I’m resting up and recharging! 20120728-070945.jpg Missing my happy boy!


6 Replies to “Saturday”

  1. Oh goodness, I’m sorry he’s having such a hard time with the vaccines. Which ones did he get? My two oldest kids never had any reactions, but I am nervous about starting them when my 3 week old gets older. He’s already such a grump…lol. I hope Eli wakes up refreshed and back to normal today. 🙂

    1. He just had the dtap- I’m guessing he’s pretty sensitive to things considering how he reacted to the supplements. So we will see. He did get up just a while ago and seems to be a bit better but I don’t think we are quite back to normal yet. Thanks for thinking of us! I’m sure we will be smiling again soon!

  2. Ashley, I know you are having a rough time right now, but vaccines do far more good than bad. Everyone today has forgotten what it is like to lose a baby or small child to polio or meningitis because vaccinations. It’s normal for babies to be a little out of sorts after vaccinations. Their bodies are working hard to build up immunity to illnesses that are far worse than a day or two of being out of sorts.

    Hang in there! I remember worrying too after Sarah had her first vaccinations and she was just eight weeks old. This is a normal “first time mom” thing, but it gets easier – I promise!

    1. Thanks girl. 🙂 none of us want out babies to hurt. That’s the battle- avoid a vaccine preventable disease or forego shot due to potential risks. It’s so hard! I feel like I gave into a huge controversy and left feeling guilty and scared. But he does seem better today so we will see.

      1. Glad Eli and you are feeling better today! Just remember that vaccines have been around for decades and decades. The autism-MMR link has been debunked as well. That being said, I didn’t give Sarah the MMR at 15 months as scheduled; I waited until 18 months. Our pediatrician agreed to let us postpone it until then, but gave me lots of reading to do from her medical journals in the interim. I encourage you to keep talking to your pediatrician about your concerns and to avoid “Dr. Google.” If your pediatrician cannot alleviate your concerns, he/she may not be the best fit for you. Our first pediatrician was the “IT” pediatrician in The Woodlands and was highly recommended by my friends who are doctors and by my OB/GYN. However, she and I didn’t click once Sarah got here and so we switched and never looked back. Pediatrician #2 was such a better fit! Sometimes she too gave me advice I didn’t want to hear (i.e. stop using “Dr. Google,” remember babies are much tougher than they look and very resiliant, etc.), but I respected her greatly! Pediatrician #2 has since retired so we switched to Pedi #3 when Sarah was four (I gave more weight to Sarah’s input for Pedi #3 since she was old enough by then to tell the doctor what was wrong and to ask questions (with just a little help from mom and dad here and there).

        Try not to feel guilty about vaccinating Eli. I have three first cousins who are all doctors and each has vaccinated their own children. Surely, if vaccinations were so risky, those doctors would not have vaccinated their own children. 😉

        Remember, everything in life has a potential risk

      2. That’s good advice. Dr. Google gets me every time. 😉
        But we do love our pediatrician and he loves Eli so that’s huge for us. It does help that Eli is feeling better today. 🙂

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