20120726-211108.jpgToday we made the HUGE decision to start Eli’s vaccines. This has been a touchy subject since he was conceived and as I stood in the small exam room holding my son, I knew it had all come down to the next few minutes.
Soon the nurse would come in and a decision would be made that couldn’t be undone.
I held Eli close and tried to ignore the long wait time for the vaccine. They were making it easy for me to gather up our things and run. We waited an hour.

In between that we were seen by the doctor, who answered all my questions about Eli’s flat spot, supplements, blood tests, and breast feeding. He confirmed that Eli looked great and then proceeded to use the word “anus” so much that I had to laugh while he spoke. I’m rude. I know.
Eli hadn’t pooped in 4 days (sorry, son, just stating the facts) so Dr. H suggested ways that I could help him.
Nope. Not kidding.
Use your imagination.

So anyway, between our poop talk and Eli looking great, I was left with my scary vaccine thoughts while we waited.
It was better than expected but I don’t feel any better about the decision hours later. Mostly because this was only the first of many anxiety-inducing vaccines in our near future. We all just want what’s best for our kids, which has been the theme for this week. So how do you know when/what’s right? My “gut” sucks at telling me what’s best. Lol so instead I distracted myself with a play date and sewing project.
All I know at the end of today is that Eli is healthy and I seriously need a sewing machine.


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