CoverBum Review

Just what I needed to pick myself up! 🙂 Last night we got our CoverBum OS in the mail! I was super excited to try it, and hopeful that I would live up to my expectations. I was so excited I prepped it before bedtime and got it fitted before bed. Eli wore it to bed last night- the ultimate test! He slept from 9:30-8am and woke up DRY! That’s a win in my book. The elastic around the legs and waist was snug but didn’t leave lines on his skin at all.
I love how customizable they are- this diaper can be shrunk down smaller than any of my others right now. It has 4 rise levels and little man is on the smallest snap. 🙂
The waist band is able to overlap and has 2 rows of snaps- easy for daddy to use!
The PUL is precious!!! It’s minky and soft on top of having an adorable print. The pocket inside has openings at the top and bottom, with a snap to hold it in place and flaps to close it off once inserted.
My favorite feature: the inner gusset!! Holds everything in!
These diapers are affordable, adorable and support a WAHM. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
Go check out her website CoverBum!
EDIT: I recently purchased some Alva brand diapers- if you have ever used that brand, Cover Bum is nearly exactly the same. Both perform quite well and he is still enjoying his camo diaper today. 🙂


5 Replies to “CoverBum Review”

  1. I saw your comment on CoverBum facebook page. And wanted to see your review. . . how old and how big is your little man? I am due this coming weekend, and I’m curious if these will really work from newborn? They have her estimated at 7 lbs 3 oz right now, so we are looking at 7-8 lbs at birth. I have a couple of CoverBums, but was debating whether to go ahead and get some more to increase my “stash”. I might wait til she’s born, and we’ll just go part time cloth for now – we have about 12 total dipes, and 5 more GlowBugs on the way when they are released in October. This is our 3rd baby, but the first attempt at cloth. CoverBum has SUCH cute prints, and a lot of features I think will be AWESOME! – double gussets being my fave!

    1. Congrats!!! That’s so awesome! 🙂 I know you must be excited.
      Eli is 4 months and weighs an estimated 13lbs. He is tiny. The diapers are wonderful- they fit him at 10lbs but could have fit him as a newborn at 7lbs. They are a bit bulky for a tiny guy but I wouldn’t change it. These are my favorite diapers in my stash right now and they will fit him for a long time. I like the gussets and the higher rise of the diaper. Definitely recommend getting more. 🙂
      Good luck!
      How do you like the gloworm dipes?

      1. The GlowBugs are very similar to the CoverBums, and I actually ran across them first. They come in a pack of 12 with a free wetbag for $150. You get an assortment of either boy prints or girl prints. Right now they are in pre-release of the new prints, so they won’t ship til October. I have gotten a few from other people, and I have a few on order through a co-op. That way I got to choose the specific prints I wanted, since some of the boy-prints are super-cute for a girl. Laying them side by side, they look VERY similar, so I’m curious what the differences are when I actually use them on Tanya (whenever she decides to make her debut!) 😉 That’s why I’m kinda waiting to decide which to get more of. I just discovered that the CoverBum 6-pack for $64.99 is for ANY of the prints – I thought it was just the solids. With shipping to me, I had that figured at about $78, so that’s a tiny bit cheaper than a 6 pack of GlowBugs, IF they were charging shipping ($75 for a 6pack, which also comes with a wetbag, but only the solids in the 6-pack).

        I won a free CoverBum from Housewife mama’s giveaway, and ordered an extra 2 with it, since she was gonna be shipping them anyway!

        So excited to try them!!! Thanks for the input. Sounds like I’ll probably be able to use both of them pretty early! The CoverBum looks a little trimmer through the crotch, was the main difference. We’ll see!!!

      2. I will definitely check them out- (the price is right and they are such good quality) you will have to let me know what you think once you get to try them both. 🙂
        Tanya- I love that! 🙂 I so need to have a girl next so I can get the fun girly prints too. Hehe

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