Video Spam

{Eli sitting up and holding his head up}

{Eli trying to roll over- back to front}
Isn’t he the cutest?! I can’t resist sharing 🙂 He’s working hard to roll over, which is good and bad- good because he’s doing so well and is so strong! Bad because I can’t leave him unattended anymore lol
Mama’s- any tips on helping your LO when they are trying to roll over like Eli is?

We started him on his supplements/pro biotics a few days ago. I think it’s going well. I was told to start slow and work up to a full dosage…so we started with 1/3 the dosage. Eli hated it at first but now he likes it fine. The 1/3 dosage created poop-explosion. So we backed off even more. TMI- but Eli used to have a stool every time he ate. Then it went to 2-4 times a day. Now it’s just one GIANT man poop. Not so sure this is a good thing. I know his little body is adjusting to the supplements/pro biotics, so I will give it some time but still…yuck, man!

Choosing supplements or not is like having an opinion on breastfeeding, or being pro-life/pro-choice! People get pretty touchy. By no means have we decided on supplements because we believe Ds can be cured using them. But there is a lot of interesting research out there about how our kiddos process things and how they can benefit from supplementation. Vitamins are good for you and Eli’s pedi has approved them so for now we are just approaching this as “good health” measures and going from there. Now if we could just get these man-poops under control!

So that’s that! It’s been a busy weekend- shopping with a friend, laundry, cleaning, photoshoot (getting to do these again is awesome!!) and of course taking as many pictures of Eli as possible. 🙂

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


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