What a word, huh? Well it’s become a new word in this household.
About a week ago I was meticulously examining Eli when I noticed he has a small spot on the right side of the back of his head that’s trying to be flat. When I began to look up the condition, I discovered it was the result of him being such a good sleeper so early on and the “back sleeping only” recommendation. Bummer!
I’m ok with catching it early so we can break his habit but I’m NOT ok one of the suggested treatments: a helmet.
I know, silly. Why does it matter as long as his head doesn’t have flat spots?
It doesn’t. I’m just being superficial.
They look silly…admit it.
So, after a mini panic attack, some Dr. Google and a ton of opinions from friends we are trying several different things.

Barry and I killed ourselves waking up every few hours to shift Eli’s head while he slept. It was always turned to the right when we checked on him and I was always worried we would wake him. But, the second night only had a few checks and no shifting– His head was facing the opposite direction all on it’s own. 🙂 he can do it, just doesn’t prefer it. (Apparently there is a muscle condition that causes one side to tighten and can actually disable the child from turning their head one way or the other…)
I also changed up his world- rotated his toys and changing table. And added even more tummy time. The kid was hating me yesterday.

Of course this means I wanted all my efforts to work in one day lol.
The good news is that he seems to be responding well to the change and that he can turn his head the other way. Doesn’t make it less scary or frustrating but we will get through this too. Ah, the joys of parenthood and recommended sleep positioning. Darn you, flat spot!! *insert shaking fist here*

Ok, I think I can squeeze in an early morning nap before Eli wakes. Then I’m going to try my hand at lactation cookies (anything to maintain my supply because work starts again in a month- also panic-attack-inducing…but that’s another post) and go to our local Ds meeting. Busy day! 🙂


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